Dayum! Maybe I spoke too soon yesterday about having a good sleep....because at 4:30 in the morning, I had to go to Maldives again to play with my pet elephant whom I shall now call Pookie just to make things alot more obvious! 

Instead of thinking I should've turned off my phone and relied on body alarm...I thought it would be a good idea to bring my phone with me and check to see what lovely messages and comments I had recieved which was worth it as well as using the light from my phone to find my way around. 

After I have saved up and bought my portable PA amplifier, I think I better get one of those lights you can put in the bathroom instead of having to turn the main light on and get that awful sound you get from the fan! 

As I got back into bed....I tried to get back to sleep and i know now that I should've tried doing my Buddhist chant but I suppose I thought it wouldn't work and so I struggled to sleep.

To add to my struggle, I began feeling hungry and a headache came on like an unwanted raccon with rabies and babies on her back nearly falling off and she needs to keep dancing from side to side to keep them on her back and entertained....wait?! what?! erm... 

And to make things even more exciting, I then had a dream about a 80's icon called Optimus Prime and it looked like it was from the perpective of me playing a video game which is something I NEVER do.

Anyways, he was jumping through stalagmites in a cave and a crocodile was chasing him and there was even a point where he grabbed the croc's tail and self defence and threw him far away but the croc still persisted! Why? I do not know! 

It then cut to a scene where Optimus was finally out of cave and was running alongside a beautiful shore on a beach on a cloudy day that had a wooden fence with palm trees hanging over it! I am surprised this wasn't based on any visions I had seen in Thailand!

As the croc swiftly swam towards him from the other looked as though he was running after a dad and his son but then it turned out he was actually trying to run after a bird type thing that was also a (C) Hasbo Transformer to take him away from the beach but he didn’t want to be seen by the humans. 

Does that dream make any sense? Absolutely not!

I finally woke up at 7 thanks to my phone's alarm clock!

Yet again, I was in my pvc maid dress and even though I know my flatmates are cool with me wearing it and as I am self oppressed, I obviously still don’t like people taking the piss out of me unless I'm feeling stable mentally...which is STILL taking it's sweet fragile time! 

As soon as i was awake....I tried to organise the backing tracks on my iPad by putting them in conjunction with the order of the song lyrics but it didn’t work. Instead, it all went in alphabetical order! I then tried using the Google Drive app but couldn’t find the lyrics to upload and thus, this made me feel even more tired 

'Yay!! I've got 1 carrot left!!'...I said discreetly to myself as I looked at my compartments in the fridge and WAS more food than I thought which lead to having fried portabello mushrooms in vegan margarine and seasoning and beetroots for breakfast. Yummy in my spiritual tummy!

Believe it or not....but someone so calm as me ACTUALLY has PET DESPISES too (hate is SUCH a strong word) and in this context, it's seeing bits of cooked animal flesh in the kitchen sink strainer! I see bits of dog food in there often even though it is also my duty at times to feed Ruby and this morning I had no idea what it was! 

After that, I had some leftover mushroom in my mouth and had this horrible vision it’s animal fat. Then I saw a bit of food on the counter top and wiped it off with my finger before I flicked it onto the floor! I thought the same of that too. Ewwww! I began feeling rather nauseous.

Anyways, even though I have shared this with you...I must express that due to one of my flatmates...we're actually REALLY clean and hygienic people but of course, I get a little too sensitive and melodramatic at times especially first thing in the morning! 

I was STILL hungry so I drank some water before I was able to get something else to eat from Sainsbury's! 

Whist I was getting ready to go and grabbed my winter hat, I was blessed by a small spider and i always see them as good fortune from the cosmos! 

'No guitar today Yui" said George  who is Boscombe, Pokesdown and Southbourne's representative for Labour. I see him quite often in his red Labour jumper and 2 greyhounds who are also clad in Labour outfits.

"Well done' he said as if he was a father figure when i replied back that ..."I'm now singing to my own backing tracks so I can put my hands in pockets as it gets alittle too cold at the moment. This prompted me to remind myself why I also use my tracks and it's to show off my voice because recently, the most compliments are regarding my guitar or my guitar playing! It's time my voice starts getting more recognition! 

In fact, maybe I should start traveling again soon to places such as Bristol, London, Southampton, Manchester, Wales or perhaps even Shaftesbury this Saturday? Yeah! why not? I've got to do something before I am needed for my acting parts! ...but then the whole lockdown business may be an issue? 

I was already aware from one of my flatmates what the weather was going to be like today and as I ventured out and waited at the bus stop, I definitely needed my hat and gloves today. There was no rain at that time but there was a strong wind and rain and my fingers felt like they were going to fall off!

I eventually got this vessel to Sainsbury's and before busking, I thoroughly enjoyed my plant based vegan jerky and raspberries. Let me reiterate...I was SO hungry! 

*As much as i wanted to write more about my day, I decided to cut this short before I started to doze off!*

So, today's busking highlights were that I got involved in Remembrance Day's 2 minute silence ...

I guess I could say I hosted an open mic out on the streets today and was a blessing to have collaborated with fan Teah, fellow 'evangelical' and freestyle rapper Zion and Doves fan Jamie. Zion even got a complaint because a shop owner thought his voice too loud. All in was a fun...action packed...quiet day out on the streets but I am STILL proud to be keeping the streets alive! 

EARNINGS: £41.45 (inc. £30 from having sold one of my busking amps)


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