Today was one of those hopeless ones but at least I tried and sadly, after all that persisting to not JUST earn money from singing my own songs but also karaoke cover songs ....i’m now feeling burnt out and lost and I think that after tomorrow’s time to give the music a break and just focus on recording my band’s debut album instead. 

Giving up on my dream of being a full time musician seems to be the best thing I can do for the rest of the year and just do it as and when...but what can I do for ££ instead?

Anyways, this is something I will have to sleep on....and talking about sleep...lets rewind to nearly 24 hours ago...

Yet again, I had aimed to stay and enjoy my time at The Cosmic Cafe last night ....but my pet elephant Pookie kept calling me and so I had to go back to Maldives like 4 times to go and give her some attention! This time, she wanted to have a water fight with me which was fine until the fourth time ....things got abit smelly during that time I tell thee....

Anyways, whilst I was travelling via Malives and The Cosmic Cafe, I knew that switching my phone off would be a good idea and thus I woke up feeling fresh and driven at 8 instead of 7. 

At some point today, I came up with the idea that I should get some custom made Ethereal & The Elevated face masks done and that I should’ve thought of it sooner! It's only £13.75 for like 500 via Vistaprint and if I sell them for £1 each, I could probably make a fortune! 

But what to have on it? the femininity logo...the band text or or the website url? 

Anyways, I was really pumped for busking in New Milton today but after technically being ignored and hardly earning anything in a different spot...I only lasted an hour before I called it a day. 

But I MUST keep counting my blessings too....a delivery driver danced to my pro vegan song 'Martyr', a senior lady tipped me 8p, and after the same old regular lady who always complains....a gentleman half my age was digging the DnB version of my song ‘Restless Mind. Plus, it’s best I busk where I usually busk and not outside Morrison’s. Or ...perhaps it was just today which I would later find out after making an effort to dress up and sing karaoke songs online later today...*sigh*

EARNINGS: £1.08 (“Are you setting up?” As I was packing away, I was given £1 by a kind gentleman who was feeling sorry for me. and because he saw me  giving the 8p I had earnt to a passing charity for disabled people with learning difficulties)


So, if anyone is willinng to help me get by at least for is my paypal account:



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