Well, today's pre-arranged plan was to busk and do alittle acting in Shaftesbury ...not THAT Shaftesbury...but the one just up the road...yeah, THAT one...the one that's a 3 hour bus trip away from home....but then, I've already been practicing every time I had gone up to Dorchester to busk there....but Shaftesbury didn't remind me of Dorchester at all.....It's more like Corfe Castle to me but ALOT less people and thanks to The Human Encyclopia that is Lorna Heath from Milford on Sea...I now know that Shaftesbury is famous for all the Hovis bread commercials so guess who was feeling like a culture vulture today despite the weather? 

And thus, this became an encouragement for the main mental course of neurotic concoctions of thoughts for the day and that my lovelies is that "we have to get out of our comfort zones to get what we desire". On the other hand, I had a rather crappy 2 days of losing faith in myself and my music and then today, I began with a 'screw this! I am doing this!' attitude and I am very glad I did! 

You see....during those 2 days, I had been thinking of looking for a cleaning job or a job in Co-Op etc and yesterday before Rachael came over, I talked to an ex customer assistant of theirs who I met when he told me he used to be a cross dresser. He’s now gotten himself a teaching assistant job that's paid and I thought i would enquire him about it and on that note, I'm sure are some free music courses out there especially online so that I can get further with my music career....oh, and I finally found the correct link to get some more hardship funding today too! 

All I have to do is to apply for them now....

I must keep up my work as a musician especially as I have so much to offer to others!

Let's rewind back to the virgin vibes of dawn....I was so anxious I couldn’t sleep properly last night but the good thing is that I searched for online jobs as a singer and guitarist and I was very fortunate to come across Twine and Vocalisr and register for them. 

Last night, I did a live stream on my public Facebook account and it made me think that it would be nice to do a pay what you can live stream show but I would have to be professional about this though and plan it properly! 

In other good news, I found myself a group where I can give myself the chance to be not just a mod, but also a coach for people who are in dire need of artist development.

As for this afternoon's affairs, the driver told me that the last bus back to Blandford was at 2:45 so seeing as I didn't want to dissapoint the student film maker and his crew, I had to wing it travel wise....and as I said earlier..."go out of my comfort zone"

So....Shaftesbury was technically completely dead thanks to the second coming of the national lockdown and even if the weather HAD been good, it stil wouldn't have been worth it busking there....unless, it was the fringe of course....but I don't see THAT happening for at least another year! 

After arriving there at about 1215. I was looking for a Subway chain assuming that everywhere has one but they didn't so I made my way back to Costa and see if I have time to learn my lines for my part in the short film.

I then discovered that everywhere is just a takeaway service and I was fortunate to discover a place that served ONE more vegan sausage roll as the chef's two daughters had already taken 2 of them. it's always nice to experience veganism away from home!

My next goal was to find somewhere warm so I could practice my lines and upon doing so, I remembered about where the nearest train station from here and asked the bus driver when the last bus is back to Gillingham and so he said 1738, meaning I could've potentially gotten that then try to bunk the train back home via Southamption which i am so glad i did NOT need to do! 

The last time I had to walk down a steep hill AND up it was when I went on a busking road trip and one of the places where we stopped was in Swansea and the name of that hill that we walked up and down is called Constantine Hill and today I am proud to tell you that there was another hill like that to walk up In Shaftesbury as I had to make my way to and from the meeting point in the park.

When I got down the hill I asked someone who lives round there where the location might be and he told me that it's right up at the top so I walked back up there through the park which wasn’t too much of a mission despite the raging weathere and then it was decided I would go back to the bus stop area where the shelter is and take out my camping chair and learn the lines after playing ONE song on my guitar.

I wouldv'e been a shame to NOT play at least 1 song after bringing my guitar on such a long trip! 

Anyhow, as I got to the top and looked to my left I found what fitted the description of what the filmmaker said which is a blue sheltered 3 way bench area with a lovely view overlooking the countryside where i would later do some 5 minute qi gong to feel at one with the elements. 

I was hoping that I was wearing the right shoes today but it didn't take long for them And my thick thermal songs to get absolutely drenched and I just couldn't wait to take them off when I got home by 6pm. 

There was a point where I had sent about two emails to the filmmaker before I had found the spot where he wanted to do his filming. I tried to make myself aware that he was probably under a lot of stress with getting ready and all that, yet because he had not replied I started getting anxious and this is because of all the seldom times that I have been stitched up and I’ve never met this person before only via an online community for creative people called Star Now. 

But you know what and as you'll find out was worth it! 

So as I was practising my lines after deciding to get myself a souvenir of Shaftesbury and do a video of me playing one of my songs, I found my self realising that even though I may be able to remember them easily just before meeting the filmmaker and the crew…. I may forget all of them when that time comes but then fortunately, I didn't. However, the film maker bein the film maker told me he wanted to say some of the lines differently which is something I felt uncomfortable about but would later learn from my lift back home that this is typical for film makers. 

As I made my way to the location strong wind and rain against my face, I saw the film maker based on the research i had done of him and someone else already there who would later tell me he's been acting for 40 years and even recommended a good site which i had already heard of thanks to Leo (Universal Extras) 

As soon as they noticed that it’s me, they put their face masks on so I halted and did the same before I arrived just 4 metres away.

After all the anxiousness about transport issues, the filmmaker told me that the other actor might possibly be from Boscombe and that made me feel a lot better as I wouldn’t have to worry about buses or trains.

Failing that, he contacted his mum to see if she could take me back to Blandford ....

Oh well, the professiional Boscombe actress apparently not able to do it but the sound guy from Portsmouth volunteered and i am sure that was mainly because of our connection with both having studied at the university there! 

I must confess that it was slightly awkward asking for a lift from complete strangers.

Today ....certainly was an adventure worth remembering and it looks like the film maker may need me on Tuesday before he has to submit his short film to his tutor on Wednesday! OOPS! 

Watch this space! 

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