Today was a nice wind down from yesterday and it was nice to just take things slowly and do want I needed to do and wanted to do in my own time. 

It was nice to have already received my travel reimbursements by 10 o’clock this morning and even though I did not adapt a professional approach about it, I am still glad that I was to live stream three songs earlier today...perhps just to pass the time...perhaps just to easy my mind....or perhaps I was just ravenous for abit of music therapy! 

If I hadn't have done that, then I would not have realised that for next time I should create an event and invite people just to let them now so that I have more of a chance to perform to an audience and connect with them. However, an associate watched the replay and was very kind and supportive to me afterwards. I was so happy I told my step dad about that and that I was looking for work this morning just to prove that I am not someone who sits on her arsenal whole day whole night long! But.....then i remember....that it's not that that he was concerned about....its about my lack of skills budgetting and planning skills and I MUST get down to doing that myself because as everyone else is busy, it seems...I have to focus on and get on with doing one myself! 

On the other hand, today was another one of those empty fridge compartment days so today was the last time I was going to be eating ready-made meals before I go back to busking tomorrow because busking is all I have to make sure that I am preserving some kind of healthy lifestyle at the moment. 

On that note and as I briefly mentioned already, I was up at 6:30 this morning already applying for more acting jobs via Star Now so let’s hope I get some very soon.

The rest of the day consisted of watching about 2 movies, stuffing my face with slices of fruit loaf and plant based margarine! (I never knew fruit loaf is vegan until a few days ago!), lentil country pie and a nice big mug of coffee just to keep me awake before i had a 15 minute power nap...then continuing with the rest of a movie before finishing the day off with my first professional live stream which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

For a few days now, I have been worried that I haven't been engaging my audience but then it's like this ....if no one is watching else can I connect? i may as well just talk to myself....which is possibly the main reason why I have started doing live shows on my public Facebook account instead of in groups and when I do it on my public account, at least people will be more likely to watch me rather than watching others in the other group or being fast asleep because most of them are Stateside! Go figure! 

And then there's that lush feeling of when I need to set up and pack up...i don't have to carry any heavy luggage or walk up any stairs at a train station or even better....HAVE...TO...PUT...ON...A...FACE...MASK! 

Trust me...its so tempting to keep live streaming at home but sadly, there's no guarentee about whether someone will be donating a dose of love or not as there is when i am out on the streets! Gosh darn catch 22s!! 

So....going back to plans....its best I just keep wingin' it then depending on how I feel. 

Oh wait!! What am I talking about?

I finally got the music marketing plan dilemma thing sorted today!! I remembered that I must choose ONE project....the band's debut album or the band's debut single to make a marketing plan out of and of course...Rachael and I have chosen the latter and i know Deej would be most happy with the decsion too and it's such a blessing to work with someone who's willing to write such a beautiful press release! 

Upwards and onwards!! 

What a lovely ending to a rather eccentric week! 

EARNINGS: £39.36

TEST: Have attached a demo of our debut single "Serotonin Siren"

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