It seemed like I had a lot to think about today. The first thing I was thinking about was getting used to working with a team again because seeing as I’ve been a solo musician for so long, I have gotten used to working by myself but now as a band I have realised that we must all work together even if it’s working on a song completely from scratch. 

However, as I was thinking about this and making my way to the train station I saw a cute little sausage type dog who stopped and raise their leg and looked back at me And it was the cutest experience I have ever seen such a long time 

Okay so bearing in mind that my saxophone playing busking friend had been suggesting I do Beatles songs for quite some time now, today’s busking experience went like this... 

There I was singing to my own backing tracks as usual and I had made just over £2 and that one hour thanks to regular Joe. 

As he was sitting there in his mobility scooter and being supportive And talking to me, I thought I may as well do 2 to 3 karaoke songs and then pack up. 

However, I don’t started realising that people were giving me a dose of love and so whilst livestreaming... I stopped doing my own songs and just sung to karaoke songs instead. 

If it hadn’t been for doing that, I wouldn’t have made as much as I did so bearing this in mind...I am now willing to sing to karaoke songs when I need to save up for stuff like the portable P.A amp whenever I am busking and live streaming... 

But the problem is, is thought of combining my original songs in between for some reason. 

Maybe it’s just not time to share my own songs with the world and maybe I should just keep them to me, myself and I until someone comes along and shows interest? 

This saddens me but obviously, as I need the money ....I have no choice but to make a sacrifice so that I can look after myself! 


Anyways, if it hadn’t been for live streaming, I would not have been able to meet up with my good friend Lorna and she wouldn’t have seen that I was basking in New Milton before we had a coffee together and I had a Subway baggy AND a senior gentleman made an attempt at trying to help me get my heavy bag back on my back 

EARNINGS: £15.69

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