After all this time, I thought I knew what dance monkey by tones and I it’s all about but I didn’t realise until now that just like with the Beatles and all the other established bands and artists that we all know and love ..... they all started performing covers but as for me, I’ve been playing originals since I began and I obviously feel as though I had gotten nowhere with them. 

I wish I could tell you that I will be ‘happy’ to sing karaoke songs for the rest of my life but to be honest, I hope that will just be temporary whilst I find someone who can help me get to where I want and start earning money from playing originals again. 

I know that people will eventually know me as a karaoke singer ...not as a singer songwriter who writes shit songs. 

I know that people will be making requests and getting me to learn songs that I either don’t know or that I can’t stand such as a thing by The Smiths.... 

I know that people will see me as a ‘Dance Monkey’ just like Tones & I experienced. 

It’s now 20:26 and as yet, I have still not decided the best way to approach my music but as the weather won’t be so good tomorrow, at least that will give me the chance to spend the whole day making my own backing track versions of songs that have inspired me and influenced me such as Anohni, Florence and the Machine and Portishead.

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