Wow what a day! 

It’s now 1735 at the time of me taking advantage of the voice dictation option via my notes pad on my phone. 

Using voice dictation to type what I say has helped me with these memoirs to express a lot more than usual but sometimes it either mishears what I say or it’s better for me just to write when I am feeling in a rather poetic mood especially first thing in the morning. 

On that note, I can’t really remember this morning. Perhaps that was because it was just like any other morning... Those kind of mornings when I don’t go busking or singing karaoke songs for that matter! 

Yeah, it was a very relaxed morning until Rachael came over at 10 but then wait up!! 

I now remember that I asked her to bring over her DSLR camera so that we can give ourselves the chance to get a photo shoot done but because of the weather we played it by ear (or is that brain freeze?) 

So there I was.... thinking about what to wear for the photo shoot before deciding upon a Kate Bush style over dress, thigh high black boots, dark red eye make up and long gypsy style earrings that one of my flat mates donated to me. 

Upon Rachael’s arrival, I was all Bush’d up and ready for us to proceed by recording a trip hop version of ‘Silent Night’ including a rhythmic poem that we wrote together for me to spit in between her singing and we both agreed that it worked really well despite the fact, that before this.... I was feeling quite anxious about how to best combine our voices together and what kind of music would suit them best! 

Here’s the words that we co-wrote together: 

I’m seeing visions of vulnerable vulnerable child, 

With a gleam in her eye but it’s just a disguise 

Looking out the window as the other kids play, 

It’s more than she can do, to keep the hunger at bay 

Wishing, longing just to fit in, 

The rags that she wears from the general waste bin, 

A coat for Christmas ain’t all that she needs, 

The warmth of love and a hug from an angel or just someone with good deeds 

To breathe, To lead just a natural life, 

Survive the night, no more need to hide her cries 

We could have instantly written something to do with Christianity or Jesus initially but then I thought that as artists, we must encourage ourselves to remind the world about the truth and expose the truth and nothing but. 

I am feeling over the moon that my band and I will have the opportunity to perform this on Friday, December 18 which is a month now and that means that starting from next week we’ve got three weeks to rehearse just 3 songs and if lucky, rehearse what we’re going to wear and also what to say in between. 

Recording ‘Silent Night’ was the easy part...the Yang of the day...and after Rachael had gotten her make up on and I had decided what equipment to take (as usual) ....we jumped into her car and headed off to a drizzly, windy Hengistbury Head complete with a rusty but very cool Samurai style sword as a prop thanks to one of my flat mates. 

Apart from getting sand everywhere and certain items of family friendly sheaths getting rather moist, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad I bought the most floatiest outfit I have ever possessed and wore that in the wind cos by golly was certainly worth it! 

There weren’t that many people there thanks to the current lockdown as well as the weather and that made the photoshoot a lot easier. 

The opportunity of just changing coats and undressing slightly and snapping away on my phone and choosing the best ones when I got back home, made it a lot more convenient! 

So what to do with them next? 

Well, I think that’s what the website is for right? 

To leave them there as a memory for not just us ....but also for our followers! 

I didn’t earn anything from today from live streaming but that didn’t bother me as I still have the £40 to last me until my next street karaoke session which would be tomorrow if I wish....


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