It happened again!!! I know why it happens and when it happens but’s quite overwhelming. 

On Thursday, I made an extra £40 from live streaming and yesterday I blew it all on food shopping, rechargeable batteries for this little guitar effects thing that’s as big as my hand but turns out it’s met it’s judgment day already ....and then some moisturising cream, mascara curlers, lip gloss and lip liner.’s not just being a musician that’s expensive ... looking like a wannabe karaoke singer is too! 

Obviously, I checked my bank account at some point to see the big dent I had made. It said I had something like £25 left and I was like ‘ooooops!’. 

The words ‘try’, ‘not’, ‘to’ and ‘panic’ started forming a sentence and proceeded by transforming into a neurotic hammer and getting jiggy against the walls of my mind. 


I was determined this time to act more like any other 40 year old child and tried to ignore it by keeping my mind busy and watching all of the Blade movies. 

During this time, I was checking my phone from time to time and I was then greeted by a lovely surprise email saying that one of my close Salisburian buddies had just bought a digital copy of my second album PRISMS! 

THAT is the good part and on the other hand, I’m aware that it will take 2-3 days before that money goes into my account but fear not!! I have about £170 of busking savings to put away tomorrow towards the purchase of the £219 worth portable PA system! 

As I was chatting to my fellow buddlesworth of Salisburia, it dawned on me that as I still have 2 busking amps....I could attempt to sell the big Roland cube street for £60 and thus, I took a collection of pixels that formed an image of it and bunged it up on Facebook just incase someone would like to buy it. 

The rest of the evening then returned to its sweet little regular not so boring Saturday wind down before I strapped on my boots and rocketed into space to get myself back to my galactic haunt The Cosmic Café for my favourite Halcyon Mushroom Tea and Intergalactic Evanescant ice cream!!!! Mmmmmm tastes like a good night’s rest! 

I returned back to Urderillium...(most of you call it Planet Earth) just so that I can play with my pet elephant Pookie in Maldives. 

However, before that ....I had received another pleasant email to tell me that a close virtual friend had donated a very kind dose of love to me and it was at that moment, that I no longer had to worry and yet again.....I don’t just thank her BUT also the cosmos. 

So on that note....the week started off abit disorientating but that was just Monday and Tuesday as I was trying to work out how I am going to continue earning dollar as a musician and a busker who up until Thursday ....had no intentions whatsoever to be a dance monkey and sing karaoke songs on the street as Hack Girl & The Extreme Melancholy but then realising that even when I choose the songs I like and not so much the audience faves....I can still earn a good dosage from it and thus, has given me that hope and faith again that I had lost earlier this week. 

Another plus is that there is now a guarantee that I can earn enough money from doing that to fund my expensive lifestyle and much music career again and THAT my lovelies me a peace of mind! 

My main goal in life seems to have always been this ... 

To gain independence as a full time musical artist ..... 

And I suppose becoming better at budgeting and planning my finances some day could go hand in hand with my spiritual wealth! 

EARNINGS: £72.21

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