Hmmmm. What should I talk about first? Something that inspired me this morning or another dream that I had? 

Well,... Have you ever watched a movie called Léon The Professional? No? Well… It’s about a hitman who takes on a girl under his wing after her family get brutally murdered by a gang of horribles. The first time I watched it was back on the thriving days of Blockbuster Video and back then, there were no buffering issues. 

Anyways, despite giving up on it.… I was inspired by the scenes when the main character looks after a plant by giving it water, cleaning its leaves, and resting it on a small table by the window to allow it to get vitamin D from the Sun. 

These scenes made me feel emotional and so this morning, I found a used water spray device, wrote “plants “on it what is a permanent marker pen and went Dr. Greenthumb mode. It felt great because I felt like I was giving something back to the planet and all I need to do now is to be consistent with it. 

On the other hand, I reckon I had two dreams in one last night... I was waiting for my bus into town in a long queue wearing our face masks as you do but it was inside Boots the chemist by the front window. 

In the second dream, I found myself on church grounds just doing my thing standing there and thinking and soaking in the atmosphere and then this gentleman dressed in blue but I recognised from award-winning Boscombe (for being one of the worst places in the UK recently) approach me and I could tell it wasn’t going to go well, so I started running away. The thing is…. Is that even though I was running and he was walking... He was never that far behind. 

I wonder what THAT meant then? 

In other news, I am now an admin for a music related group on WhatsApp and my responsibility is to add the numbers of new members onto my phone from the introduction group and then add them into the music group. 

How do I feel about this? Slightly overwhelmed as I’m so used to doing what I want when I want. Oh well…. No harm in trying... And I thought I would quickly mention this to that one of my Thai friends called me last night telling me that she’s got £100 but she wants to give to me. I don’t know if this is true or not but I told her to keep it safe for me until the COVID-19 restrictions are over. 

She is the same friend who I fell out with about being vegan but we are cool now. She is the same friend who told me she had Covid but recovered from it in 14 days using mainly turmeric and our favourite talcum powder called “prickly heat “. 

She comes across as a bit of a mentalist but at least she doesn’t drink or do drugs. She’s just a lovely, lonely person who unfortunately got abandoned by her parents back in Thailand and became an orphan who grew up in one of the Thai temples before she met someone which led her to France and then here. 

At some point I will do as I promised and go and visit her again. It’s just a shame but getting there by bus isn’t that simple. 

It’s now 1925 and Ruby is on my shocking pink Saturn double bed looking at me whilst everyone else is doing their own thing and I’ve just told my brother and his girlfriend that I will be self isolating as I’d like to keep myself to myself for awhile and work on self-healing. 

Maybe the bitter Brussels sprouts I just had had something to do with it. 

I’m feeling more and more paranoid around my new flatmate to especially when it feels like she’s blanked me but that’s just my own dark spirits telling me things that aren’t authentic again. 

I suppose this is what quiet day is due to us all as they make us think and create illusions. 

On the plus side, I wasn’t focused on earning money from lifestream today and I actually had fun. I also decided that is high time I start promoting all the potential songs that Rachael And I will record on our first album together. 

I had planned on laying down vocals for some collab projects today but I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe wearing my pyjamas the whole day didn’t help and yet again....I am now prepared for whatever tomorrow may bring. 

Definitely maybe.

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