Wow! What a day! I wrote this with a smile on my face despite cold fingers and a slight headache with a cough coming on but the mouth ulcer is dying meaning that I won’t be mumbling so much soon. 

That’s not to why am happy though. 

An associate has somehow proverbially kicked me up the arse around the same time that I realised from chatting to another artist that I’ve actually come quite a long way with my music and that I should be proud of that. 

Anyways, I had 15 minutes to ramble before I took part in the first day of a three day artist development webinar session which is two hours each and most of all… Free. 

I was feeling nauseous so it was probably best that I watched it in bed but I still haven’t stated why I’m so happy right? 

Well, I wrote some new lyrics and sung those on top of an EDM track that a producer sent me. That definitely released my serotonin. 

Before that, I spoke to someone whom I had met from a Facebook music group and he inspired me to come up with his lyrics. 

Wait there’s more! 

Before that I had a chat with Rachael About this week’s rehearsals, Recording and how to improve our responses with interviews in the future and then before that, I complained to a lady on the phone who tried contacting me earlier trying to change my mind when I was no longer interested in joining her apparent un-professional agency. 

What is funny is that when I told her that I’m trans, she told me that she is non-binary and that she had made a website to show me. 

She must’ve thought I’m really stupid when I could see that the social media links took me to empty pages! I left her a review anyways! 

People like that can 0121DO1! 

Wait there’s more? Of course! 

I did another live stream today as I’m trying to do them every day and I recorded it just in case as it may come handy for Rachael. 

I even tried recording a song for the album much later with beats but now that I understand that it’s not “industry standard “in my eyes… At least I know now that the album will mainly be keys and vocals as well as live instruments. Besides... I must take advantage of my electric drum kit! 

I was so in my element today during my live stream but I wasn’t afraid to pull some random funnies and take The piss a bit. 

I know people love it but as I learnt with yesterday‘s interview.… There is a right place at the right time for everything. 

So what about anything else that I missed out? Hmmmm.... not much.... 

Although, the fact remains that even though I punish myself from time to time…. I am still grateful for Toughlove…. Whoever it is from! 


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