I would’ve loved to have gotten a power nap at some point today but that would’ve only made me feel hungry and physically jet-lagged so that never happened! 

My mum called me earlier and I was quite embarrassed to say the least because I was struggling to find something more interesting to talk about than my music career, wanting to play the National Lottery and making a veganized Thai dish consisting of Tempeh ... which is something I still need to try. Maybe I’ve tried it before. 

Apparently, it’s fermented soya beans which sounds really delicious if you come from a Southeast Asian background or something connected to that. 

Anyways, what the heck am I going on about in this zombie state? Why am I so tired you may ask? 

Well, at some point today I mentally went from first gear to 5th gear and that was when Rachael came over for musical commitments. 

We were determined to start rehearsing for our first virtual gig in February after allowing her the opportunity to critique how she thinks she did with the interview we had earlier this week. 

That was when I realised that despite that that interview was her first and my third as artists, we both responded to our clients questions with uncertainty and lack of confidence. However, I still think Rachael did a better job but she has encouraged me to pull my proverbial finger out of my arse and therefore give longer answers next time. 

After all, let’s not forget that anyone can be a symbol of hope and as well as that… As artists representing a booking agency, we must help our client and the other artists representing the agency to preserve it’s good reputation for the global LGBTQ+ and female community. 

I’m now looking forward to Friday when we get the opportunity to do a practice interview with our client before the real thing with her on Monday. 

Things are looking up… Again. 

In other news, I was hoping to go busking tomorrow and I intended not to inform my parents or my brother about my financial situation but he clocked me instantly due to my rather empty fridge compartment. 

He got in touch with my stepdad which is very kind of him and that now means I’ll have a bit more to last me until I get more financial support and my first instalment of universal credit next week. 

On that note, as I can’t bask and I’m hardly earning much from live streaming, what can one do musically to earn an income using the World Wide Web? 

I’m often reminded that they won’t be around forever and that’s partly why I punish myself every day because I still haven’t found my feet yet during these tough times but Racheal and our client have helped just let me out of it and realise that I’m not actually someone who is lazy and sits on her arse all day…. And to be totally honest... I never was unless I was drowning in my own sorrows which is certainly not anymore. 

Anyways, I guess I’m looking forward to another early night because apart from watching Thai movies on YouTube.... there’s not much else to do.… 

Oh wait! I best start recording our album!

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