I woke up in the same tired state that I was in 24 hours ago but the coughing wasn’t as bad. 

I was determined to go to New Milton today and so, buying a ticket (against my ‘own will’ and just to kick my own arse!) me heading out just in time to get the train but before that ....I needed something to give me a kick start and coffee was it! 

Seeing as the ants in the kitchen weren’t showing much interest in the rest of the agave syrup that I had put in to an egg cup ....I thought I may as well use that up but as soon as I got to the kitchen ....the ants had and were all over it. 

I didn’t want to kill the ants intentionally so I tried not to feel too guilty when I saw how many of them had taken their own lives to the sweetness of the Mexican plant! 

Seeing as this is the time of year when ants and all other kinds of creatures come into the flat ....I think it’s best (even for my own physical health) to not rely on anything sweet until summer is over! 

Until I was wrongly mistaken later on this morning, I had assumed that busking early would be more appropriate for New Milton. 

Unless, they’re bored of me now but I have noticed that since the shops (stop me if I’ve mentioned this already!) have opened up again ....earnings have gone down by almost 90%! 

However, there was a thought about taking my big P.A amp and my backing tracks but seeing as I ‘ralked’ (half ran, half walked) to the train station....I would’ve struggled with those especially up and down the long flight of stairs! 

I was also anxious about the train getting delayed today like it was last week....fortunately it wasn’t.... 

There were no raspberries available for me at Mozzie’s (Morrison’s) so I sufficed with a small plastic box of blue berries instead as I proceeded to the public loos....only to find out that they were all surprisingly closed before 9am! 

At least nearby Poppin’s restaurant WAS willing to allow me to use theirs and the funny thing is was when a gentleman came in from the back of the restaurant and asked ME if it’s ok to use their loos. 

I just replied “If that’s alright with you ....then yes please” 

That didn’t even make sense but I had to reply with something before making my way into the three star looking bathroom and having a discreet giggle before you know what... 

There were only 2 things on my mind this morning before I started busking and that was related to the phone call I got last night from one of the band’s that got in touch with me via my ad on Join My Band. (That ‘Fiddler/violinist available’ one) 

I could tell already before he called me that it wasn’t going to work and I have to admit heart just isn’t into country music! 

As soon as he mentioned that “the boys can be quite brutal”, I thought I would be honest about my mental health issues and so....the conversation must’ve lasted about 5-10 minutes! 

As I mentioned yesterday....I had been talking to one of the members of a 4 piece folk group called Purbeck Storm who live only 5 minutes walk away from me so....whether or not that’ll go successfully on Saturday has also been playing on my mind. 

Fortunately, I was given 2 piano tracks to add violin to recently so that’ll get my ‘chops’ back into gear! 

It’s now 18:13 and I have decided that from 18:00 to 19:00, I’ll be practicing and taking advantage of my electronic drums every Tuesday....but, I thought it would be best to get writing out of the way first! 

Anyways, after busking .....I was fortunate to meet up with Lorna again today who was still up for a rendezvous after her visit to the dentist! 

We did the usual thing .....a trip to Mozzies....then chilling outside a coffee shop. 

This time, Ian called us for a video chat and we discussed what we thought about Sunday’s gig that we put on as well as plans for the next ‘Distorted Celestials’! 

All shall be revealed a month’s time! 

After my rendezvous with Lorna....I thought I would fancy a burger or sarnie from Cookie’s Corner which is a small deli near the station but nothing really caught my eye, straight back home it was! 

I had already spent enough getting to New Milton and back as well as some dry seasonings for my next batch of seitan experiments! 

EARNINGS: £1.50 (1 hour’s worth. I think I better start busking nearer to home because at the moment I am not earning back what I spent on travel!)

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