Lorna and I got all glammed up and went to what seemed like a very posh Italian restaurant last night. 

There must’ve been around 200 people in the same room and because of that, we had to sit with other guests around large round tables with freshly laden white sheets, bouquets of flowers in , hors d’oeuvres and different wines. 

The ceiling was very high and we were surrounded by renaissance paintings of different sizes hung up on smoky yellow walls. 

As Lorna started reading the small Italian print on the back of the nearest one bottle to us, the gentleman next to me took interest and I’m pretty certain that if we had given him the chance... he would’ve flirted with both with us. 

I never got to see his face but I do recall him wearing a dark tweed jacket and he had a very educated British accent. 

Later on that evening, Lorna had gone off somewhere and I was in a different part of the building. 

I could only assume it was a private library and a lounge that I was in....due to the dimmed lights. 

I was there with my stepdad and he was wearing a smart blue short-sleeved shirt tucked into his trousers. 

Somebody else was also there whom I didn’t know and I mentioned my stepdad to them: 

“He’s a good bloke “I said... 

And as I did so, he approached me and got upset with me after he thought he heard me saying... 

“he’s a good block” 

I told him that THAT is not what I said and I then got defensive with him... 

“ well, we were never close anyways!! “... I regrettably remarked! 

I stormed off and decided to take part in some theatrical play that was being held in another room with a large dinner table in the middle. 

I asked one of the gentlemen what he does for a living and he told me that he’s a film director. 

I then asked him if he would consider me and so, from that moment on... I found myself lying naked on the big, cold-ish, long mahogany table in this room with two actors playing their parts. 

They were either walking up and down the room or talking to each other whilst I was in my motionless state and this was being filmed. 

I was supposed to keep my eyes open the whole time but the sound of them started irritating me so I decided to close my eyes and go to sleep. 

I didn’t wake up until around eight this morning realising that it was all just a dream and for some reason….I couldn’t wait to tell my stepdad about it. 

Obviously, he also thought it was a pretty weird one and I know for sure this was just a dream instead of visions of the future or potential deja vu’s. 

Lorna will find out somehow eventually... 

I suppose you could say that this was the highlight of my day as the rest consisted of making Seitan satay kebabs for Friday‘s barbecue, making my ‘Distorted Celestials’ logo look more professional and readable, watched some Irish vampire movie online (well, cinemas are still closed!) which was actually quite good, meeting more artists to collaborate with via Facebook, a telephone chat with Sam and Ali from Abe’s Apes, and a trip to Co-Op and back to not just get some bits and bobs... But also to get some fresh air. 

Oh, and there was no need to busk today... 

Do you remember the other trans - lady I mentioned before who goes by the name of Jenifer Divine? 

Did I mention that she is an Astral traveller and healer (as well as many other things)? 

Well, every time I told her that I’ve got pain in my left arm (from my snake boarding accident), she would literally ‘take’ that pain away from me which is quite an extraordinary thing that she does with her gift which is to deeply inhale with her eyes closed. 

It worked every time! 

On that note.....this is just a gentle reminder for all those sceptics out there ....that one day, I decided to start believing in everything and since then....I’ve even started believing in myself! 

Anyways, now that I have finally gotten her out of my life... the pain in my arm has returned so I really must start leaving my guitar at home and singing to backing tracks instead in the future before I decide to buy a chainsaw! 

Hopefully, I’ll be getting a news update on my ‘repaired’ busking amp (the smaller version)... Soon! 

EARNINGS: £7.89 (Thanks to Ant O’Donnell buying my debut digital album on Monday!)

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