I can only think of one small complaint today and that was my surprise to hear that two of the members of Purbeck Storm “don’t get on with Thai and Chinese food due to the MSG that’s added into their dishes.” 

They were even insincere about their ironic apology already “being aware of my heritage” .....but excluding all opinions aside....we actually got on ‘like a house on fire’ and I’m so happy to announce that I am now the fiddler of a folk band! 

What is even more fortunate is that they told me that once ‘The Big Constipation’ is all over, we could easily get a gig in three venues. 

I was jamming with them from 11 till 2 pm and I admit that I was feeling very anxious at first until the heavy hail storm encouraged me to move closer to them under the veranda as well as play the violin sitting down which is something I very seldom do. 

Wait! There’s more! 

They’re not the kind of band to expect me to play songs the way they are written originally and as soon as they said that to me, ....I was able to settle down and feel more comfortable around them. 

Oh, and the singer and I both went to University of Portsmouth around the same time so we have so much to reminisce about our lives there. 

I’m looking forward to sharing more about this promising project in the future! 

It’s 19:54....I’m actually knackered....My brother’s invited me to chill with him and his friends upstairs and I just got back from a two hour session with Jade around 7 pm which felt like only 10 minutes! 

Today was a good day because it was all already planned....I better start getting next week planned already then!

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