Fortunately, the morning continued after having started and finished another collaboration project from scratch and to my surprise... Ian gave me a 45 minute (and counting) chance to do some writing out in the sun as I sat there perched on a low brick wall by the pavement opposite my flat. 

Last night, I went upstairs to make an attempt to participate socially with my brother, his girlfriend and three other of their friends ( including mutual friend Andy who enjoyed being the instigator of banter with me as usual and it’s rather blatant that I’ve gotten used to his eccentric sense of humour since I was 16) whilst my brother’s girlfriend was busy kicking her mate’s arse at Mario Kart on the latest Nintendo Switch. 

Even though I used to be a gamer myself, I soon got bored of it although the vegan chilli (which was going around)…. was really delicious and I was given the opportunity to take Ruby downstairs to a nearby grass area that she can do her “you know what “ endeavours in return for some puppy love! 

Speaking of which, I just saw one of the local family neighbourhood cats inspect and investigate our drive for a few seconds before she decided to go somewhere else on her adventures. 

I was hoping that THAT would be a sign that Ian would be arriving but at least I’ve already connected with ‘the kid’ and flatmate B this morning who both seemed to be giggling in her room discreetly first thing.... 

Turns out that was just a one sided thing as flatmate B told that ‘the kid’ usually denies things such as dancing with Mary Jane to suppress her issues and she’s very untidy. 

She even told me the other day she’s got high cleanliness standards .....anyways....she’s got a kid! 

I know they’re not together anymore and I’m still trying to understand how they can be so close without doing so. 

I think its best I leave all kinds of relationships to the experts because I know very well myself that I can only go from one extreme... to the other. 

Okay... It’s been about an hour now and Ian still ain’t here so I’m in the mood to go back in and see if he’s been in touch again after messaging “see you soon “ earlier. 

I thought that something was up with Ian as it’s not often that he flakes out at the last minute these days so I decided to contact Lorna by text. 

As soon as she suggested that I called him and thus, I did... there he was in the front porch. 

Before arriving at Lorna’s at 13:30... Which always feels like entering a temple due to the chanting music she greets us with... (Without the strong smell of incense sticks as well) usual, we transported ourselves to my local Tesco’s but this time we had great difficulty at first ...choosing what to indulge on later tonight as we can’t really cook anything there (hmmm....maybe a baked potato each tomorrow?) and of course, that was our temporary desire. 

Baggies, sarnies, fruit, cucumber, nuts…. That’s just some of the things that Ian and I usually have around Lorna’s and I have no qualms with that as they are all relatively healthy. 

It’s just that 6 pm seems like it takes ages to arrive but at least we always have lunch in the car and if we don’t go out for a walk, at least we can always sleep on Lorna‘s sofa! 

I’ve never really mentioned about my car adventures and background before so here goes… 

I came across 10g’s worth of savings in my bank account by accident whilst I was with my support worker at the time. 

She told me that I needed to take that out and put it somewhere else otherwise I wouldn’t be able to claim benefits. 

This was 2017. That July...Ian and I chose a car and that’s what I bought .... 

It’s incredible that we’ve only had the black Kia Rio for only four years but it was a rather fortunate find from Southcoate garage in Christchurch and plus insurance, it was all worth three g’s. 

Ian soon made it his car after he had paid more than his half for the MOT’s, petrol and all that. 

It’s only a small car but we’ve had great adventures with it such as going to Manchester and back to play a gig, it helped me to move my belongings from Branksome back to the flat as well as rocking out to our fave tunes by artists such as earlier today. 

I hardly know much about cars but I must admit that this... and the debut album I recorded... were both a good investment and I sure hope the car will last as long as my music!

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