I’m always trying to think over and over again how I’m going to start writing a memoir for the day and most of the time…. I can’t think of anything clever or poetic... and today is another one of those days. 

As far back as I can remember, I never really thought of myself as someone who writes or even reads.…. Yet, nowadays I think to myself “isn’t that where we can gain general knowledge from?” 

It wasn’t until I found out that I was good at creative writing at school and started writing songs and poems for however long... AND read Jenifer Divine‘s still yet unpublished book that I decided it is time I start sharing MY life with the world as well. 

I made an attempt at writing 2 books in the past about my musical background and one about my life but I lost interest in them both instantly! 

My life sure may sound boring at the moment but there have been some exciting and extraordinary moments that have happened already in the past year. 

In regards to that, I was given the opportunity to submit the memoir I wrote about my vegan journey to an Ezine created by Those Vegan Lovelies…. Paul and Jason Burgess yesterday (Ascension into The Ethereal #149) and shared my struggles, ideas, our memories together as buskers and performers and wisdom with fellow hard-working ukulele singer/songwriter Fragile Lucy for nearly 4 hours last night! 

I was so bored for most of the day that our conversation (plus, a slight return to art to help me cure my concentration skills) was well worth it! 

On Saturday afternoon, I received a suspicious looking letter from what seemed like the HSBC branch in Southampton telling me that I am owed some financial reward due to some incorrect charges they had made regarding my past experiences with HMRC with my account over the years. 

My inner voice kept telling me that it is fake and that I should just throw it in the bin. 

So, why didn’t I? 

Well, that was all down to my curiosity and for the last 48 hours I couldn’t stop thinking about what I would spend that money on as well as still hoping that it’s fake. 

There’s so many things that I need as well as desire and as they say... Money “can’t buy me love! “ 

I constantly tried to remind myself that some money should be put aside for emergencies and whatnot. 

Getting benefits once a month is kind of helping me to be more aware of my financial well-being I suppose although there’s always something that I think I need and so, even after spending under £50 on something…. I’m still struggling before my next instalment... and that’s including financial support from my parents! 

This has kind of taught me a lesson that any money I receive... Just won’t last long because after you reward yourself... You then have to remember how much all your monthly bills are. 

I haven’t calculated mine yet…. But those include my phone bill, portable Wi-Fi bill and subscriptions to some apps to name a few. 

I have no idea how much I spend on food either and apart from buying the rather expensive products from the Asian shop, bulk buys on Amazon, and plant-based stuff from Spree’s (Sainsbury’s)…. I’d say I’m a very good girl in that area. 

Vegan fast food on the other hand, is VERY expensive as well as difficult to find in terms of variety I never really bother with that. 

So, whether or not that cheque attached to that letter was fake or not…. What else would I have done with it? 

Well, I had thought of staying in London and busking there for awhile but apparently it’s still dead there. 

I would definitely use some of that money to pay what I owe the regular repair guy and get my amp back and busk with that! 

I would definitely NOT buy a handheld game console because I suck at games and I would never play it anyways. 


I would definitely buy a wireless microphone system that I’ve been after for awhile...a multi - instrument midi controller called an Artiphon... a tabletop loop station called a BOSS name a few... As well as sell some possessions to downgrade them so I could finally fulfil my dream of being more minimalist… But hey... There is no harm in dreaming.....

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