Well, I’ve only gone and done my right leg in from going down on my knees to put my stuff away and then getting back up again not thinking of the consequences. 

This HAS happened before so I am not that concerned. 

I’m sure it’s just cos I am SO lanky! 

Believe it or not... but I am 40 years old now and I admit that I don’t do stretching exercises every day and with my weight going up and NOT down is the last time I am spoiling myself before something drastic happens to me! 

This means I had to postpone a brief appearance at another local open mic with the intention of playing fiddle for Folkwood Fox and guitar for Leo whilst looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again. 

The guitarist of my folk trio apparently had a small accident down at the beach as well ....meaning that he’s not able to join either and the other is still at work! 

Oh well! 

There’s always another time! 

To be honest…. I’m not really too fussed about open mic nights anymore either. 

Well, least for now. 

For some reason, I wanted to sleep a lot longer this morning but at least I made it in time to my second vaccine jab at 8:50 via a quick food shop at Co-op and raspberries for breakfast followed by salad with home-made cashew nut salad dressing (inspired by my brother) seeing as I recently figured out that I can use my food processor again. 

Seeing as I could smell Mary Jane’s perfume again coming from the backyard, I wanted to remind The Kid that I don’t mind it anymore…. so I put on Cypress Hill‘s Black Sunday album. 

She seemed to like it and I am glad that Flatmate B (who is 5 years older than me) reminisced the vibes with me of such a classic album my opinion! 

This lead onto another deep chat with her and him about how much mental health affects everyone including our decisions. 

We even talked about our experiences with spirits, angels and demons ...and even alcohol which comes from the Arabic word ‘al-kuhl’ ....meaning ‘body eating spirit’. 

I now also know what David Icke was referring to when he’s talking about reptilians... and that my lovelies… is people who are unpleasantly strange and unfriendly. 

Makes sense now doesn’t it?! 

So that means ....I have already encountered a few! 

How about YOU? 

Lorna and Ian arrived at 11:45... but before that I was in the mood to listen to the theme songs of Fresh Prince and Friends as well as The Connells ‘74-75’, Prince’s ‘Beautiful Girl in The World’ and Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself.’ 

With June the 21st in mind, the first thing we noticed before and after our three monthly session at the rehearsal studio was the lack of people wearing face masks. 

I wasn’t really too bothered to be honest ....although to see people wearing one on a lovely sunny day like today as they were walking down the street socially distant from other people... did seem a little strange. 

Perhaps that added even more to how relaxed I was about everything and everyone today although there could’ve been less talking when either of us were performing. 

It was still a lot of fun though! 

I made sure that we all stick to one part of the room and then that way, it was easy to take photos and videos of each other. 

Today went so well and as we’ve decided we’re not really bothered about open mic nights for now…. it looks like we’ll be doing music together again once a fortnight instead of monthly!

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