“I’ve noticed that you’ve called me ‘sir’ before” I aptly stated to the nice lady who works at Co-Op after the usual morning greetings but today... I was in the mood to ask her how she is and when she politely answered back referring to me as a ‘sir’... that is when I HAD to bring it up. 

“Yes I have “ she honestly replied “but just now I was just saying how sunny it is today “. 

When us transpeople find ourselves in a situation when a cis person (cisgender = proud of your assigned gender) denies having used the wrong pronoun with us…. What can you do? 

I know I’ve mentioned this in my past memoirs and I know I don’t get this every day but it still gets on my tits every time! 

“It does say ‘female’ on my passport and it’s taken me awhile to get that! “I continued before she thought I was referring to how long it took to get my passport. 

We parted ways happily ever after for the day but let’s hope she is a respectful person from next time we bump into each other. 

I’m sure she is. 

In regards to that, I have finally recovered from the side-effects of the jabbawobbly but whether I had or not…. I would’ve still kept my cool with that lady because after all… 

Aren’t we all a little naive? 

The morning began as usual. 

Slowly but surely...with the pre-arranged rendezvous with Leo coming over at 10 in mind. 

It was 8:30 and I fancied doing something different as seeing that it looks like it’s going to be nice and warm in my room for awhile…. I spent the next hour getting into my PVC maid outfit with the intention of going out with it on for busking with Leo. 

I know how conservative Southbourne is and even when I was wearing my tie-dye dress, I noticed that people were staring at me. 

This seems quite typical on sunny days! 

Wearing my pvc maid outfit would’ve been my reaction to their backwards thinking. 

That must be an artist thing! 

An hour later, Leo messaged me to say he wasn’t feeling too well but at least that hour was enough to remind me how much weight I need to lose if I want to look ‘the bomb’ in that outfit again. 

One look in the mirror totally put me off and so off it came and then into my other dress to go food shopping at Co-Op. 

Hopefully, he’ll be round in an hour before or just in time for a pre-booked online gig from 2-3 pm and then Ant and I will have agreed on at least 10 goals to complete by next week seeing as things are getting serious again. 

Or maybe we should just keep going with the flow and do things as and when? 

In other news.... 

Was it because of how warm it was today? Was it because I was feeling worn out after my energetic 60 minute virtual gig? 

I admit that due to my brother wanting to use his gym around that time... I do regret not having performed that gig with my backing tracks and with my head voice.... but then there’s always another time! 

Once again... Leo was okay with participating as The Cascader and chillin’ out in the backyard but if he hadn’t been... I, of course would’ve stopped making so many excuses and gone busking with him in Southbourne around 6 pm but I was more inclined to finish off another upgraded song I wrote in 2015 called Change The World. 

The words are as follows: 



Forget about your troubles for at least one day, 

Yeah look into your hearts cos that’s the only way, 

We’re gonna (change the world) 


Listen up all of you, let’s cut to the chase, 

Looking at the world, it’s a smaller place, 

We’re now caught in times when there’s too much to waste, 

Smartphones, Facebook glued to our face.... 

Going on a run, I’ve been around the block, 

Way too many times, now it’s time to stop. 

If only we could see, all the things that we’ve done, 

We’ve got the power in our very hands to.... 



Propaganda, the perfect alibi 

Educate the nation, 

they’ll believe the white lies 

Volunteers in a masquerade, 

Women of all walks of life still unpaid, 

Laws are broken, 

Injustice still thrives 

Who cares? No one! 

Read between the lines! 

Let’s just consider all the things that we can... 

When we got the power in our very hands to... 


This is another song that I never got to perform with The Subwave Network UK but there’s always Ethereal! 

I have made some commitments for tomorrow so I’m looking forward to them but I think I will celebrate having recorded another song by trying to watch some old skool movies like Le Femme Nikita and Boondock Saints .... despite still feeling hungry! 

I seriously need to reset my body programme whilst I attempt to lose weight again!

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