“ Women are treated as inferior to men.... so when someone in a ‘male body’ wears a female article of clothing, it’s automatically seen as that ‘man’ lowering their social status.” .... 

“This is why it’s seen as funny because its seen as they’re losing some of their power by putting on clothing that symbolises femininity so this world technically hates femininity” 


If you don’t know who ‘Morgue’ is by now, he (even though he’s non binary he’s okay with being referred to as he/she/they but NOT as a man) well known for being a social media influencer. 

He is even more well known as a shock artist and reality TV star but I discovered him (like most people) from Facebook a few years ago and a lot of what he says....makes sense to me and as I have been trying to figure out the inside outs of gender and sexuality for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time and this morning whilst I was still in bed .....Morgue totally nailed it for me! 

So....just like having a pizza with Ian at Moordown’s Pizza Hut branch (which is something I have been wanting to do since I was 16! THAT is funny!) ....I can cross both of those off of my bucket list. 

Now is a perfect time to mention that I swear my bucket list is SO much shorter now since I started writing these memoirs. 

Perhaps these memoirs REALLY have been a good way of manifesting certain things and desires into my life. 

Anyways....before Ian and I randomly decided to have a pizza together ....he was initially only going to come round to lay down his recorder parts on ‘Cotton Clouds of Thoughts & Dreams’ but when I suggested we both go to Absolute Music for him to buy a new recorder and that he would donate his old one to me after I realised that I CAN play one we went! 

Eddy was also very kind to donate a pair of hair straighteners to me even though Leo and I didn’t do much round his....well, I was so stuffed ....I kinda passed out....but then Eddy loves dancing with Mary Jane maybe that could’ve had an effect on me. 

We were only there for about an hour before Leo was kind to buy me a sesame seed bar, coconut water and organic peanut butter ice cream before he went off to busk with his electronic drum kit in town and I headed back home on the bus. 

During that time....I was fortunate to have bumped into The Kid on the bus and we had a brief chat before she got off 5 minutes later to continue her daily slack lining adventures down the beach after work. 

In regards to the beach....I am watching a movie and waiting for Leo to get back to me whether we’ll be shooting his music video down at the pier later on tonight! 

Let’s hope he does otherwise I will have to think of other alternatives because his album deserves ALL the love it can get!

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