It’s definitely going to be a late one tonight.... 

That’s usually the case for when Jade, Nick and I rehearse and with a month to go before our very first gig together…. I’m really looking forward to it. 

I’ve never played in a band before even though I’ve danced and fell in one like a proper pisshead. 

After staying out late 2 night‘s ago and drinking something alcoholic that somebody called Rob had bought for me after my performance, I’m now a little smitten about such evenings but tonight won’t be like that at all. 

What if I get offered some tasty home-made pizza again? 

Heck! NO! 

I’ve started losing weight again slowly but surely so I am now on the right track baby! yeah! 

On that major post pentatonic note, I’ve just nailed some air fried mushrooms, potato balls and roasted butternut squash just because I don’t want to eat anything else when I leave home at 6! 

All home-made obviously... I’ve got some air pride tofu on the go as well whilst I write. 

I’ve actually been feeling anxious to sit down and write the whole morning and afternoon actually which seldom happens these days. 

I would also like to mention that I had a nice serotonin boost from chatting to my Nigerian friend and musical partner Elijah this morning which just proves how random my life is. 

Finally...we’re going to collaborate on a song together after a year of getting our own selves back on our feet. No more hesitating! 

From going to bed around 21:00-ish last night after a very well put together (but NOT accurate!) low-budget crocodile movie based on real life events in Burma….I woke up feeling fresh and full of ideas this morning. 

One of the ideas that I had the pleasure of remembering… Is to continue somehow with what I did for Leo’s album…. but for other people. 

The following is what I will eventually post on Facebook once I know what I want to convey successfully.....and I am a strong believer of encouraging myself to include a sense of humour because why not?!: 

“Now that the Big Constipation is starting to loosen up....I am reaching out to anybody who’s interested! ... 

I would like to help artists like me who can’t afford other people’s services. 

I am on benefits due to mental health issues so all I would ask for in return is creative trade. 

Recently, I helped an artist with his debut album and he bought me food in exchange and we did like a creative trade thing as and when such as a music video.” 

In fact, today seems to be all about that in my life. 

Taking time to tell the world what you want and desire by saying a little bit about yourself and your back story first. I suppose that’s kind of like these memoirs. 

I took a look at my bank account balance yesterday and wondered where most of that money had gone. This explains why I’ve hardly gone out that much this week. 

I know I’ve only gone as far as Bournemouth in the last two weeks and I know I’ve spent most of it on food shopping. 

I kept my word this time to myself that I will only reward myself at the end of the month. 

I suppose I will need to take out a third of my benefit money at the end of this month so I can be more careful with it. 

In regards to the end of this month, I am determined to go and visit my current guitarist and co - producer Ant, Claire...who is his partner and his son Alfie ...just because all never-ending stories need a happy ever after bit in my book! 

Another positive aspect about today is that Flatmate B had a day off meaning that I had someone to talk to and share my outlooks on life with. 

Going back to the part I mentioned about my current financial situation... I thought I’d give live streaming another run for its money earlier this morning before receiving another random message from the universe that ‘it’s still not time yet’ so I sufficed with the one original song instead. 

There is and WILL be a lot of stuff that I will have to do for free just to become established again. 

Am I okay with this? 

I suppose I am…. For now!

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