How I got from 109.1kg to 107.7kg in 24 hours will be the main question on my mind today! 

Maybe the batteries are going on my scales but I doubt it because as I couldn’t believe the overwhelmingly positive and awesome reading.… I must’ve checked it like five times. 

This was about half an hour before Leo arrived at 10am and it didn’t take long before both of us were out the door to actually do something non-musically related for once and just like the first jab…. it was harmless. 

Between home and the bus stop, I was suggesting to him that maybe it’s best to use my phone to take photos and videos for this limited task he was given so that he can get paid by this marketing research company that he signed up for. 

However, I clumsily left my phone at home which is very unlike me. Everything happens for a reason I suppose and at least his tablet was good enough quality! 

I was anxious about the time due to commitments with Purbeck Storm at 13:30 but it all went quite smoothly. 

Leo really needed the bathroom after I gave him my measly little fresh carrot from the fridge with a smidge of my homemade ‘shit looking’ mushroom pâté but he did warn me when we began my journey to the bus stop, Tesco’s, café and local pub The Bell. 

Leo didn’t want to ‘do his business’ in there because he assumed he had to buy a drink to do so but I somehow encouraged him as there was actually nowhere else to go! 

In we went. The doors were open anyways. 

We were wondering why nobody was around at that time. 

I tried to encourage him to ‘go with the flow’ but with Leo being Mr Nice Guy, I quickly caught on and we both went to look for someone to ask them if it’s okay. 

Fortunately, the co-owner of the pub was hoovering and even though she mentioned that they’re not open....she was kind enough to allow Leo to use the chance. 

“Have you been having a strip wash? “ she asked Leo wondering why he was taking so long. 

Personally, I doubt he did anything of the sort! 

As soon as I figured out that she was getting anxious about us being in there longer than expected and that Leo wasn’t wearing a mask as he came out of the bathroom.... I felt it was time to inform him that it’s best we leave as soon as possible before “the authorities arrive “. 

I left the pub first just to try and make her feel less anxious and Leo followed shortly after. 

We made a deal that all I required from Leo to help him with his task was for him to pay for the short journey on the bus and breakfast so he accepted. 

He was required to take photos of nature and of farm animals and as my original choice of Wiltshire being too far... We decided upon Throop... and what a lovely day for it! 

We were in and out of there like a bank heist. 

We managed to see a couple of horses…. So after he filmed those and took some photos… we were back at the bus stop in 15 to 20 minutes and were able to chill at mine for 30 minutes before parting ways. 

Let’s hope he gets paid for all that effort! 

Rehearsal went really well today despite forgetting the lyrics of the songs on my iPad at home plus it was a pleasant surprise to do an impromptu gig for some friends of two of the members who were visiting from Wales! 

A familiar subject was brought up after our beautiful jam together and that is when the guitar playing lady told us that she’s got a sister now but struggles to get her pronouns right. 

Did she know that I am a trans girl too? 

I’m surprised I didn’t tell her for once!’s always a blessing and a good lesson to hear things from the other side.

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