I suppose I could kind of say that I was twiddling my thumbs this morning until 12:45 and fortunately…. I was not the only one. 

I woke up reasonably early as usual due to having positioned my bed and pillow to be right next to my window. 

I heard The Kid briefly giggling around 6:30-ish but that didn’t interrupt my peace and then officially got out of bed by 9 assuming she had gone to work. 

I was still content from a stately alcoholic musical gathering with Ian and Lorna yesterday evening including watching the first of a three-part ‘movie’ with Sean been set in a British prison. 

It’s not often that I’m watching something in English and finding it difficult to understand but some of the Liverpudlian accents in this were strong like an extra mature cashew nut cheese. 

Fortunately, I started watching part two on my iPad ....before the day was about to take an unexpected turn. 

My only regret of the day was having to throw away the mushroom pâté that I’d made because I wasn’t happy with how it looked and silly me hadn’t added walnuts which is another main ingredient! 

I made an attempt at upgrading and recycling another song that I had written for and performed with The Subwave Network UK but I’ll admit that it sounded better as a rip-off of New Order’s ‘True Faith’! 

Before 12:45... It was just another typical Monday. 

At some point, I heard The Kid talking to one of our associates on the phone and as I intended to get some more foodies from Co-Op, I slipped her a note under her door just in case she wanted something as it was her day off and I instantly made the assumption that she wanted to be left alone and given some space. 

On the other hand ....whilst I was at Co-Op ....I bumped into Gail (the lady who I mentioned before who had called me ‘sir’ ...but today was different as I introduced myself so that we get the whole gender issue out of the way just to be on the safe side!) and then I was fortunate to collect another 200 karma points by helping a lady out who wanted to try using a self service machine as none of the staff were at the counter and were busy packing the shelves. 

THAT made me feel even better doing that! 

At around 12:30, The Kid had noticed my note and texted me that she had received it with gratitude. 

She told me that she was just relaxing and had only been watching YouTube videos and that she is totally fine. 

I continued watching part two of the Sean Bean prison drama and 10 minutes later, she knocked on my door asking for advice. 

Her tone kind of made me feel anxious. I didn’t know what to expect as we are both very sensitive beings. 

I paused the visual futurismo and opened the door. 

“Yui.... I could really do with some advice “ 

To put a long story short, we came to the conclusion that I would go along with her on the bus to Winton and back to pick up some green and as I’ve done this with Ian before and at uni…. I told her that I’m cool with it and I took the opportunity to tell her: 

“even though you just my flatmate, I do care about you.“ 

I bought the bus ticket on my phone and when we got off in order to change bus in nearby Landsdowne.... I realised that I bought the wrong ticket due to a misunderstanding. 

However, just before she picked up her beloved green... she called the bus company for me and explained my little dilemma and as if by magic…. I’ve now got a free day ticket to use whenever I want to instead of a refund. 

We learnt a lot about each other today. Virtual high-fives have now become physical high-fives. We had lunch together too at a rock pub where I have played a few times and it was nice to meet a familiar face from past open mic nights! 

A brief scenario on the bus where we nearly sat near alcoholic dependants... educated me on how PTSD affects us both and how we can suss these things out together and that I now take back anything sour I said about her in my past memoirs! 

Having those 2 alcoholic drinks last week also reminded me that I needed to ‘live’ a little too just to be more content with my life and feel as though I am doing what everybody else is doing. 

I’m not feeling so left out any more and that’s another thing I was fighting against!

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