This day had to come eventually seeing as that’s how I started my memoirs in the first place. 

With my Ibanez Talman electro acoustic guitar on Leo’s back and my violin on mine, we finally arrived at a spot outside Boot’s the Chemist suggested by the lady who owns the pipe shop in Southbourne who told me when The Kid kindly asked her yesterday as she bought some more baccie and skins (tobacco and rolling paper) before we both went off to Winton. 

I wasn’t expecting us to earn much.. let alone anything…. And just have fun! 

This IS conservative Southbourne after all! 

Carl from Earth Foods was the first to stop by and donate a tip. I suppose his presence was the only one that mattered. 

He told me before about how he had busked with his brother in the south of France in the past but I never asked him where exactly because he was always at work in his shop. 

This time it dawned on me that it could be Antibes seeing as he hinted that he was busking where all the rich people are. 

I was right.... and then mentioned that I’ve been there a few times to visit one of my half-brothers. 

Carl also mentioned about some of the big names he had met there such as Sir Anthony Hopkins and I’m not surprised because Cannes is only a yacht’s drive away according to that time my half brother took my brother and I there for an evening visit. 

It’s stories and experiences like this that remind me how close I’ve been to making my dreams come true as a successful musical artist even though I’ve dabbled in art, poetry, acting, modelling and a little garnish of comedy here and there but the music always comes first. 

Let me remind you that I have no more regrets and most of the things that I didn’t do before I started transitioning… have now been ticked off of my bucket list. 

However, there is always more. 

Honestly, I’m never actually content… even though I’m comfortable with the illusion that I am from time to time. 

Despite that I am discreetly celebrating my brother’s 39th birthday today, that I’ve busked with Leo and I’ve got a rehearsal with my new friends Purbeck Storm later this evening… I may be feeling slightly guilty for dreaming again after a video call with Ant and two of his associates last night via Zoom. 

I’ve learnt to keep things like this to myself over the years because every time I’ve made it public… I have a knack of jinxing it. 

My dreams are like fish! 

Slippery when handled! 

I’m now asking myself .... is it really okay to have high hopes again? 

How long will this happiness and excitement last that I’ve been feeling since last night? 

I found myself smiling and gently giggling with glassy eyes as I got into bed and that lasted about 10 a sweet lullaby. 

The last time I felt that happy was when I had had my operation in November 2015 in London. 

Even though I can do whatever I wish and enjoy it here in Bournemouth and keep myself busy, at least I now have a guarantee that my future as an artist is once again looking bright thanks to my collaborations with Ant but I must still encourage myself to remain realistic, down-to-earth, modest and perhaps… even a sceptic. 

After all, I am Ethereal by (stage) name... Ethereal by nature and everybody else can come into my world and feel Elevated for however long they want to.... 


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