Another day inside. 

Another day when I can choose whatever I want to do whenever. 

I choose not to go outside because of my random financial situation and I’d rather be at home anyways where all the materialistic stimulants are such as my musical gear and food. 

I didn’t drink any alcohol last night but I suppose I got high on 2 pints of orange squash as well as performing with not just Racheal, Leo and as solo but also with Chris from Transylvania, Gary… who donated the house guitar and had a bit of a concerning fall off the small stage for someone his age, Tony the art therapist with lovely white teeth and a smile and…. 

Is that it? 

I thought it was more than that! 

Seeing as I don’t have much to reflect on today apart from a virtual meeting with Ant and associates at 9 pm…. I may as well continue yesterday’s adventures. 

So…. where was I? 

Like I said… Leo came over at 14:10. 

Thanks to what The Kid did on Monday with the bus company, my bus ticket was already paid for. 

All that Eddy wanted me to bring was just my violin for our weekly jam this week… and he wanted to try something out with his keyboard so I was looking forward to hearing his skills. 

I spent £8 on a meal deal, raspberries and Mentos at Tesco Express before witnessing one of the staff being quite firm and polite with a shoplifter who tried to nick a six pack of Heineken. 

I just love how he briskly walked off with his white empty gym bag and the gentleman went back to work with the lagers without ANY hassle or complaints that could’ve easily escalated. 

I really wanted to give him a compliment but I was hesitant just to keep my dignity intact. 

Before that, Leo suggested that we have lunch at nearby Flirt Café or Starbucks but we were already late for being at Eddy’s for 3pm even though I know he wouldn’t mind. 

I strongly suggested that we get something that we can eat whilst walking but Leo knowing best….said it’s best that we sit down to eat otherwise we will apparently get indigestion! 

At least I encouraged him to sit down on the curbside outside Tesco’s despite his discomfort of doing so. 

I guess I’ve been too busy ignoring all the things that really matter. 

Once again I nodded off at Eddy’s but this time it was after we did our own version of Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath with Eddy on mandolin, Leo on keys and me doing the usual shit. 

Leo and I got the rather sharp 17:30 bus back to mine and Eddy followed on his mobility scooter meeting them both at the arts café during some time that Rachael and I were performing our covers set to the usual two people. 

Sarcastically stated, it was nice to clear out the whole venue again with our live music and it also reminded us that rehearsing and gigging are completely different even though rehearsals really are useful! 

As much as I loved last night as well as sharing giggles and banter with 7 foot Damien who looks like a younger version of Jim Carrey... I still feel that even though I am only going to get somewhere in this town performing covers… at least I’ve got the potential to go elsewhere with Ant in Manchester and my own songs even if that’s online for the time being. 

There may not be much to look forward to at the moment but I must try to keep myself optimistic.

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