It’s 20:14 and I’m currently sat in front of my laptop listening to another updated version of my I love Thailand so much song ‘Jasmine Dreams’. 

15 songs consisting of something completely different. 

I didn’t like the last version! 

It wasn’t ‘dream-like’ enough and experimental enough! 

Oh and I wasn’t making my own beats at that time either. 

I’m just mixing it now before I master it and listen to it on my phone and I would love to do a more than basic music video to it to show off my 3 authentic and traditional Northern Thai instruments! 

Anyways, I have come up with this system of setting all the tracks to the same volume of -23.0 as that seems to be mid volume level and then I use mainly the Multband & EQThree and EQ & Compressor Master presets to get a nice finishing sound to the track. 

Obviously, I turn up the volume on any individual track that needs it especially the vocals. 

And as for laying down the vocals and instruments....I suppose that’s pretty much straight forward right? 

Well, THAT brings me on to the rather entertaining and educating recording session I had with Rachael between 1:30 and around 4pm. 

We planned AND succeeded in recording all our parts for our debut single ‘Serotonin Siren’ but as I hadn’t recorded with Rachael before, it was a bit of a challenge to begin with but as she’s really tolerant and a fast learner, it didn’t take long to get down to the nitty gritty. 

Just before she had arrived, my laptop decided it would mess with my mind by making the sound ‘jump’ like an over used tape but as soon as she arrived, it seemed fine for a while. 

All I had to do was to reboot it but it was sure making me feel frustrated. However, I explained it to Rachael and we were going to just rehearse if the laptop was not going to work properly so all good. It’s always beneficial to think ahead! 

I am actually feeling hungry at the time of writing this but as it’s gone past 7 and I have entered the Cinderella Time Zone, I’ll just fast and drink water until I am able to go to sleep. The feeling of hunger DOES go away after a while. 

I didn’t busk today....and yesterday, I even cancelled the rehearsal that Deej had booked due to me lacking the financial funds until I made nearly £40 yesterday so what happened instead? 

Well, before Rachael came over....I was able to make the time to program the backing drums AND record the keys for ‘Serotonin Siren’ and then at 11am, my bro and I went to Bournemouth Library to meet Magé from Citizens Advice Bureau who has been a blessing to us both since my brother and I got help with getting our EU settlement sorted with her since the nonsensical Brexit BS became a reality! 

However, this time after mistakenly ordering a bubble tea with dairy milk (which tasted disgusting....gave me a headache and made me fart big time....due to me being a combination of vegan and lactose tolerant!) at next door’s used to be very popular but not any more Flirt brother and I ascended to the second floor of the town’s slightly dead library and met Magé outside one of the meeting rooms. 

As soon as we went in there, we were greeted by a long table in the middle of the room with a glass or Perspex see through board held up on stands and once Magé was on one side and us on the other, we were able to take off our face masks and breathe normally again. 

The meeting went rather well despite how anxious we both were on the way there as my bro was expecting me to know the answers to all his questions as usual. Siblings eh? 

So, to cut half an hour’s worth of a meeting down to 2-3 minutes worth of your time and went really well which was a nice surprise. Positively speaking, I will at some point with the help of my brother and Magé get myself a social support worker and they will help me to be able to gain more financial independence just in case any of my family members pass away because we all know and especially during the pandemic ....that busking is NOT going to cut it! 

I was scared that I would have to get another cleaning job or something but apparently with universal credit, one can inform Department of Work and Pensions about mental health issues and in this context, that one is diagnosed with having Asperger’s Syndrome. 

There are other positives too related to Trusts and all those financial terms but I am not educated or experienced enough in that field to share that with you but the most important thing is that the future is sure looking bright! 

Right, time to get back to ‘Jasmine Dreams’ which is sounding very Walking on The Moon by The Police but more trippy and with Thai instruments but I’ve already told you that! 

Far out!

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