For some reason I am hesitant to go busking today until I said to myself that I will just give it a go for an hour and then go from there. 

It’s a sunny day and i’ve bought a bus ticket now so I better give it a go. 

Apart from watching movies, live streaming and producing music there’s not much else to do at home so I may as well go out even if it’s just to get some fresh air! 

Right now it’s 8:33 and I just feel like I am waiting for something to happen if waiting and watching paint dry on a if I am trying to make time freeze for me but the clock still keeps ticking. 

Maybe I just feel fed up again which brings me back to square one.... 

Go outside and get some fresh air and then go from there! I must remind myself that the future is unwritten and only I can make things happen for me if I really want to. 

It’s now 8:52 and after finding my house keys under my guitar tower stand, that’s lifted my spirits plus flatmate Greta and her boyfriend Carolis have just left so I better head out before my mind starts wandering off to places it shouldn’t be going to! 

It’s now 9:25 and my anxiety levels have instantly risen since noticing that my AC/DC power bank’s battery is now on 25% so I guess I better just busk until the battery runs out then! 

It’s 10:17 now and I’ve been busking for nearly an hour now. I suppose I was actually getting fed up with playing my own songs so I decided to throw some more covers in! 

At 10:37, I decided to have another go at playing ‘Strings or My Heart’ but this time, it was the old skool bossanova jazz version which fortunately encouraged a lady to buy a cd off of me! 

Right about the time I received a notification from my subscription to The Beatles channel on Youtube saying that it’s John Lennon’s birthday today, a senior gentleman with a slight speech impediment requested one of his songs. I managed to pull up the lyrics and play Imagine for him and his support worker just before they walked off to Boots which is only 2 doors down. 

What’s funny to me is that I thought I had remembered all the chords but as I couldn’t, I just did the chords to my own song instead but I eventually remembered the chords to the chorus at the end. If that’s an example of Murphy’s Law....I accept gladly. 

At 11:35, I called it a day and I wasn’t able to turn on my power bank back again anyways. 

I then made my way back home after counting up the money and packing up then proceeded to have lunch, count and record my earnings then head into town so I could pop it into my bank account. 

It’s now 13:13 and despite being on the upper deck of the bus, I am trying my best not to fall asleep 

After a spontaneous live stream and a chat with Rachael, it’s nearly 8pm and time to wind down after a nice quiet day of busking, checking out what Bournemouth is like via the bank....then back home to make homemade hummus and have that with a variety of vegan cheeses and I’ve gem lettuce before making homemade Thai butternut squash in coconut milk whilst watching another low budget movie.... 

EARNINGS: £28.29

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    A productive day. Nice one

    A productive day. Nice one

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