Yesterday didn’t go quite as planned despite the whole set up of having bought vegan cake the day before and I had already made that Thai butternut squash dessert for Lorna and I to share seeing as Ian is more of a meat eater than a vegetable eater. 

Apparently, Ian had had another one of those rather tedious experiences with his alcoholic and sociopathic neighbour Sean who lives directly under his floor just like most trolls do. 

He was apparently playing his music loud again at 1 in the morning and because poor Ian never really gets to sleep properly, he decided to postpone ALL of yesterday and then it all depends if we meet up on the regular Thursday or not. 

The thing is that I have a confession to make and I am not sure how better to express this and despite having made more of an effort by getting the vegan cake and making the Thai dessert....part of me didn’t actually want to go to Lorna’s. 

Perhaps it’s because I have never been keen on consistency and even though I didn’t go busking yesterday when I could have, at least I was able to take my time to get glammed up in my shocking pink pvc maid outfit and do some live streaming instead. 

Earlier this year whenever I made an effort to dress up in say for light green floaty top...there would be a few ....well, mainly guys as usual ....being trolls and not paying attention to the music. 

My other trans sisters and spiritual relatives under the same umbrella would get the same harassment too but what’s great is that after returning back to that group after 2 months, it may have become a rather quiet place but at least I attract less trolls and more music focussed people on there.... 

It’s now 19:08 on a cold but centrally heated Monday and my flatmate Yogi who’s sitting opposite me in the kitchen at home has just started listening to the latest announcement from Boris Johnson ....that bumbling and confusing prime minister updating us all about the latest Covid 19 restrictions and what we’re eligible to and for a few minutes distracted me from continuing with my writing. 

I’ve never lived through any world war but from watching movies and tv series ....I suppose I could say that this feels like something like that and I am embarrassed to express that there’s still part of me that wants to turn my back away from it but having met at least 2 people who have recovered from it....i’m more likely to pay attention nowadays.... 

Anyways, I once again donned my pvc outfit today and went busking with it on and as I was aware of the temperature having dropped to 9 degrees...I thought it would be a good idea to combine tights, black PVC leggings (as it was raining today also), thermal socks, lolita ankle boots, and of course my waterproof winter faux fur jacket but after 3 hours I couldn’t wait to ‘go snorkeling’ and after all...I wasn’t prepared for how cold it was going to be. 

I suppose that from tomorrow, I will have to start wearing the thermal underwear and the thermal gloves INSTEAD of my pvc outfit despite how more confident it makes me feel. 

Earnings wise doesn’t make any difference. Thanks to today for that reminder and at least I was able to stroke 2 birds with one finger by live streaming whilst busking today young my portable WiFi modem thingy and my other gadget...a selfie stick that has a tripod stand. 

When I arrived back home, I was looking forward to going snorkelling and also try out the Plant Pioneers vegan fishless fingers and after 1 bite of 1 of them, I was literally close to vomiting as they tasted JUST like fish! 

Just a reminder that I gave up fish and seafood for at least a year before going vegan. 

The authentic fish taste was absolutely SPOT ON ....and most of all....VILE! 

Oh, and my bro donated them to me from his own freezer yesterday and I was really looking forward to trying them out. Think I’ll stick to tuna made of jackfruit as well as Quorn’s vegan fish products instead. 

The biggest highlight of the day whilst I was busking must’ve been when a white angelic pigeon approached me to listen to one of my songs and I nearly cried because that’s how emotional the experience made me feel. 

EARNINGS: £17.64

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