I think it’s going to take me a while to get used to wearing these thermals again for something like the next 6 months but at least I feel more prepared for the lowered temperatures despite however much the pores of my canvas wants to sweat like a pigeon as I made my way to New Milton. 

If the pvc outfit didn’t have such a low collar for exposing my cleavage, I would’ve definitely loved to wear that as a winter outfit too but “you can’t always get what you want”. 

Anyways, I still look cute and smart in my yellow blouse, silver skirt and red faux fur boots and I won’t even begin to express how it feels to have to wear a face mask every day but it’s definitely got its benefits especially in the wind combined with the rain. 

The forecast said it would be a wet day today but as soon as I walked out my door I got drenched in vitamin D! 

This time I actually remembered to bring an extra lead to use with my loop pedal and did it make any difference to my earnings AND my ‘stage presence’? 

Of course it did! 

Ever since last Wednesday, I’ve been setting myself goals and I now have an everyday plan written in front of me to see every time I am in my bedroom at home. 

All it took was to ask people in Facebook groups of their experiences and Google search for musician action plans. 

So, next I suppose I will get myself or make myself a big calendar board to stick somewhere in my room... 

But for now, it’s to make sure I am still making the biggest impact I can with busking combined with live-streaming and today was the day I finally back to taking advantage of my looping expertise in New Milton and I am pretty sure that today is the first time ever I have ever earnt as much as I did today. 

Up until now, New Milton has always been the lowest earner so does that mean I could earn double that elsewhere? 

Who knows? 

Yet again ....the future is unwritten but it’s sure worth it having a plan and anticipating problems. 

I am glad I still checked the weather forecast today and went to a sheltered spot as the heavenly shower did actually come and go as it pleased and as usual, it was a blessing and a beautiful sight to see the drizzling droplets falling calmly onto a yellow ochre atmosphere. 

I was expecting complaints today especially from the charity shop behind me but I suppose as it was Norman who comes all the way from Torquay to look after his often rather quiet furniture and decor store and that I said “Good morning” to looks like he was fine with me sitting closer to my bank than nearer his shop entrance which is a mistake I usually make on a very windy day. 

Anyways, at least I haven’t forgotten my looping skills and taking advantage of it today has really boosted confidence and has given me a rather sweet little buzz of musical ecstasy! 

Bring on tomorrow! I am ready! 

It’s now 17:05 and as I lie here dolled up and slightly horny in my pink and white frilly pvc sheaths and pink Lolita school girl shoes across my satin pink sheets, I wanted to take this time to do some more ‘rambling’ as Deej aptly named it yesterday as I reflect even more upon my day before being co-producer and perhaps vocalist on at least one track of my good friend Kala Cheung’s second album because a collaboration is something we’ve been talking about for years since Ian and I did an electronica set at her big Chinese New Year event ‘The Mini Moon Festival’ at the O2 Academy in Bristol which still remains as one of ....perhaps the best show I have ever performed at! 

Anyways, despite having a VERY good day today which is actually quite extraordinary for a Tuesday all began on a downward spiral... 

I doubt there was a full moon last night but I couldn’t sleep at least until 1:30am. I remember watching a very good British black comedy that was released this year up until about 9:30....then everything else depended on Facebook and YouTube. 

I was unfortunate to meet someone’s who’s music I like but when I shared my video with them, they got upset with my identity. 

Anyways, I told a friend and he sorted it out for me so that’s that and that’s what friends are for but whenever I feel it’s safe and that people are finally treating me like a human being.....THAT is when it’s not... 

Anyways, I could’ve let that ruin my day but I am glad I didn’t and woke up feeling refreshed ready for a new day! 

Right....time to do what I’ve promised and her album is sounding VERY beautiful! 

It’s now 19:17 and I am absolutely knackered from 3 hours of singing out on the street and carrying all my gear which means I will have to work on one of Kala’s songs on Friday instead as that’s my next free evening.... 

EARNINGS: £37.62

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