I officially decided to wake up at 5:30 this morning after checking Facebook notifications, emails, how much money there is in my bank account, window shopping and of course playing with my ‘pet elephant’. 

I took one look at my room and thought ....”yup! After checking my weight I am going to have to clean up and arrange my room before going out!” due to the fact that when I got back from recording last night, I just dumped everything on the you do! 

One of the things I bought from Tesco last night was a small innocent looking plastic container of edamame beans. 

Now, edamame beans are what my mum introduced to me when I was a wee little nipper so I’ve been keen on them ever since and I would order them whenever I go to Wagamama’s or at any Asian restaurant but unfortunately as I eagerly peeled away the seal of the container this morning and tasted ONE....the first thought I had was ....”how rank!”... 

Perhaps it was because they’re a yellow green color and not emerald green. They tasted sour and I WAS going to throw them away but I’m determined to combine with something. 

Fortunately, there were a few carrots left so I cut off the muddy top and had one of those instead before grabbing some raspberries from Morrison’s later on. 

Waking up between 5 and 6am meant that I was able to say hi to Yogi before he went off to work 

and as a Buddhist, I was pretty shocked when he told me he had found a baby slug in his room....murdered it and chucked it in the bin. 

I’ve learnt to keep my opinions to myself and so I just said to him “I would personally pick them up with some tissue paper and put them back outside” 

On a positive note, let’s be kind and rewind back a bit to last night...I was so eager to ask Deej if he could let me loose on the drums at the studio and see if I could actually show him my idea of the fills I would like him to do on ‘Serotonin Siren’. 

I was SO excited and SO happy to have a go at playing to the song and realised I am better then I thought and I actually do have the potential to have a sense of rhythm! 

Maybe that’s due to all the drum programming I have done recently instead of using drum loops made by other people! 

During the brief window shopping session I had earlier this morning, I decided to search on Amazon for a reliable brand such as Alesis AND check out a review of the kit I am after via a YouTube video. 

Somehow I will now try to save up £319 and here’s hoping the good people of live streaming group Socially Distant Fest will be wiling to help me save up for one! 

Is it just me or are we ALL a lot more sensitive than usual during this pandemic? 

Basically, around the time of finishing our recording session last night....I received a rather random text message from my brother saying: 

“Yui you can't talk to Holly's mum like you did the other day.... It's fucked me off... You should apologise and don't let it happen again” 

So how did yours truly feel? 

Well, once we all start thinking too much we get confused and that’s exactly what happened to me as I could NOT for the life of me remember doing this to my future auntie in law and even more confused because of the way that my mum has brought me up to be extra respectful to my elders! 

Apparently, I told her that I am busy and shut the door on her. Despite not remembering a single thing related to this, I instantly apologised to her via text and voice mail as she seemed busy until she answered: 

“No worries babe, I was a bit taken aback, I wanted to ask you what to do with Ruby, as no one else was about. I could hear you singing so assumed you were recording. 

Thanks for the apology, no hard feelings, hope you are ok, keep well.” 

I instantly called her and we were able to have a brief chat. For some reason, all I intended to do was to tell her how confused I was that I couldn’t remember doing so and yet still apologised ....but then, something triggered me to express my self loathing and I was so close to saying ‘Catch Up Next Tuesday’ referring to myself if you know what I mean. 

Anyways, as usual she was completely understanding and wonderful. 

I confess I did have a bit of a chip on my shoulder with her since I was told she’s the one that bought ant killer last year and killed loads of innocent little ants that had made their way into our kitchen in the summer of last year but I suppose on that day when I apparently did what I did, I must’ve been pissed off and frustrated about life. 

If you’ve been reading my memoirs, you would know by now how much I take small things literally and blow them out of proportion.... 

Well, as I made my way into Morrison’s this morning I wasn’t sure which way this gentleman before me was going and so instead of thinking too much about it, I grabbed a trolley and made my way into the supermarket. 

As I was at the self service check out, I noticed he was also there so because of what happened with my future auntie in law, I decided to apologise to him for ‘being rude’ just in case I WAS and then he replied... “I really appreciate you saying that to me but I assure you that weren’t being rude at all”. 

I suddenly theoretically shrunk spiritually and took on the role of an over polite timid Chinese shrew and said to him “oh ok” whilst bopping my head up and down in agreement. 

On the other hand.... 

Do you believe in God? 

Do you believe that there is some kind of entity out there? 

Do you believe that the universe communicates with us? 

Well, I certainly do with the latter... 

But before I continue, let’s go back to when I was busking in Southampton about 2 months ago when it all seemed perfect until it was all ruined by a sorry excuse for a man who decided to take out his bad hair and bad teeth day out on me before a rat came out of nowhere to put me off eternally from ever busking in that underpass again. 

At least I will always have a few good memories of busking there such as meeting Idris as well as Hoops aka Jeff and his friend Bryan and the day when Idris and I jammed a long to the music being played on Jeff’s speaker just outside West Quay Shopping Arcade. 

There was ONE song that really touched me deep inside and that was Randy Crawford’s ‘Street Life’. 

In fact, it’s actually my favourite memory of busking in Southampton and whilst I was in Morrison’s today.....I heard it again and it really lit up my aura again after a few days of feeling like I had lost faith in my music! 

However, this time....I was able to hear the words a lot clearer than I did in Southampton and it’s as if her words spoke to me and so I did a little dance just like the random lady that did the same thing on Tuesday morning when I was last at my fave place to shop in New Milton! 

Apart from a generous financial foundation of gratitude and a dose of love from Regular Joe, earnings were really quiet today until around 11am when people suddenly started giving me a regular dose of love including a £10 note from a lady who really enjoyed my final AND suicidal tendencies song ‘Fragile’ which I scribed 3 years ago before going on anti depressants for a very brief time realising that they’re not right for me and busking IS the only way as well as ashwagandha capsules now and then. 

Whilst I was live streaming, I was lucky enough to be looking at my phone’s screen whilst Ian had texted me to ask me what time I will finish busking and if it hadn’t been for that....I would’ve had no idea what the time is and may have done longer than the 2 hours time limit I had today due to making regular commitments with Ian and Lorna to meet up, have another intriguing verbal ramble, go on a beautiful forest walk and have a table dinner together like the suave and sophisticated homo sappies that we are. 

Hot exquisite drinks such as sage herbal tea were also included with the ramblings as usual hosted by my fave all time hostess Lorna. 

Anyways, before heading over to Lorna’s, I was able to make the time to make the time to put my earnings into my account and as soon as I entered the bank, I heard the words “Your voice is unique...” which I later realised is an ad from HSBC promoting their new voice activated ID option which I would definitely be willing to sign up for! 

And then guess what happened next whilst filling in my pay in slip? 

Randy Crawford’s ‘Street Life’ came on again as if she was singing to me again and I confess that this made me feel all emotional! 

So, either the universe communicates with us especially at our lowest moments OR everything and everyone is connected seeing as I was thinking and even mentioned busking in Southampton to someone yesterday or perhaps it’s a combination of both? Who knows? who cares? 

I certainly do! 

On the other hand, as I made enough earnings today AND I didn’t want Ian to wait too long just to get his lunch whilst having the car parked at the station, I decided to make things easier for him and treat us both to a foot long Subway baggie. 

He’s also gone out of his way recently to help me out with some favours such as helping me to upgrade my phone at his local massive Tesco’s so I thought ....yeah....time to show him a little love back! 

Whilst I was waiting for Ian to arrive and eat my toasted vegan patty baggy, I suddenly thought back to last night again and remembered Deej mentioning that our Thai actress friend better known as Mattika Silk would like me to add some sound effects to a movie of her’s that’s apparently already in production. 

I had already messaged her on Facebook earlier today about it and whilst I was sitting there at the station complete with WiFi access...cross legged on the floor so that the vegan garlic aioli and Thai chilli sauce covered chopped lettuce wouldn’t slip out of the baggy and make a mess on my casual sheaths....she messaged me back there and then and so, I gave her a call to find out more. 

This is somewhere along the lines of what she said and what she is requesting of me: 

To do the sound effects as Deej mentioned 
To produce a theme song based on a song she likes that she heard from YouTube but to do it in my own style... 
to play the role of a bodyguard and perhaps even a vampire too! 

Well....I tell thee....yours truly wasn’t just coloured intrigued but also full of pop corn popping inside my spiritual microwave! 

All in all.....another splendid day and I suppose it’s not too early to mention that despite Bournemouth May be going into a second lockdown any time seems like everything has gone back to normal and going to Lorna’s was definitely the icing on the vegan cake that I won’t be bringing until Sunday due to inconveniences.... 

EARNINGS: £24.18

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    Rachael Bomo
    I'm not just saying this but Street Life is one of my most fav songs!!!!

    I'm not just saying this but Street Life is one of my most fav songs!!!!

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