extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world."her ethereal beauty"
  • delicate, exquisite, dainty, elegant, graceful, beautiful, lovely...
It all began in 2011 when Warissara ‘Yui (yoo-e) Karlberg had just started her transition and was using music as a creative outlet mainly for her own self healing
She discovered Bon Iver aka Justin Vernon and began writing songs about mental health issues, being trans, having Asperger’s, love as well as other spiritual songs.
Fast forward to 2016 and she rediscovered herself after experimenting with other musical projects and ‘Ethereal’ was born.
With a beautifully and hauntingly hypnotic debut album available online and as a full-time busker and musical artist, she hopes to reach out and heal others who may think they too have lost themselves .....because after all, we should never feel alone


Who is Ant?

Ant O'Donnell

After a disastrous attempt at being a lead singer in a school band Ant decided to give Bass guitar a try given just how hard it can be to find a good bass player.
Ant got his first Bass guitar and amp at 14 years old, thought he could play the thing (nope!) but really only learned how to hold a tune by the time he’d just hit 16 years old after joining a superb band known as “Riser” in 1998. After numerous reporting of many bands being named Riser the band name was then changed to “Indigo-Dub”. After a few years good and bad, a very near miss with a record label, 100s of gigs and a few tours of Britain and some positive press the lads lost their singer to new non musical ventures Ant and the rest of the lads went on to form a band named “Chimes” and carried on fighting the good fight.

Chimes recorded an album which was self released although the name of the album and many of the names of the songs escape Ant these days but the further into the 25 years of bass playing the more skilled Ant was able to grow moving on from early influences of some of the Manchester greats onto slightly more technical styles before settling on heavily Dub influenced stuff a lá the scientist, king tubby and basslines you would find in dance and electronica music.

Eventually Chimes met it’s even when the guitarist who had been with us from the beginning decided it was the right time to put the band on hiatus and pursue other musical ventures with different bands and after about 6 months (possibly more, possibly even less) the remaining members went on to form a band with a new lead singer, this time a strong female vocalist. The band was named “Shadow Riots” and became Ants first foray into the world of programming and structuring drum loops and playing a somewhat more active role into actual songwriting and was able to further develop his own particular style of bassplaying that many people have said to sound unique. A few ups, a few downs later Ant became disillusioned by the music industry and after 15 years of what felt like a hard slog decided that it was time to bow out and try new things.

Ant went on to become a tattoo artist after landing an apprenticeship at his local tattooist and then went on to open his own studio in Longsight Manchester believing that bass playing and music was way behind him.

Enter Covid-19.

Due to a few developing health issues the time came to close the studio down. Ant was unable to spend as much time tattooing due to shoulder impingement, an ongoing back injury and developing either arthritis or carpal tunnel in his right hand. He is still waiting on his referral to find out what the actual issue is with the latter thanks to Covid gumming up the works.
Covid - 19 hit the world around a month after handing the studio keys back over to the landlord, seems just in time given the way everything went soon after. During the first lockdown Ant opened an online shop named HexFire studios which he spent most of his time building all kinds of things to sell ranging from movie props, cosplay items, custom made 3D printed items and the like. It wasn’t until the third lockdown that Ant decided to pick up playing a 6 string electric guitar just for something fun to do during some of the boring house arrest days we seemed to be constantly finding ourselves in. After 6 weeks of learning how to hold chords down Ant got bored with learning other people’s songs, picked his bass back up, blew the dust off and got all his music production software back onto his laptop and started making original music again. It’s taken a few months to get back up to speed with the bass monkeying and the arthritis/carpal tunnel is an issue when playing for long sessions but is now having more fun and getting the most enjoyment out of making music than ever.

Ant meets Yui on a Facebook group for singer/songwriters and the rest is history in the making!