extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world."her ethereal beauty"
  • delicate, exquisite, dainty, elegant, graceful, beautiful, lovely...
It all began in 2011 when Warissara ‘Yui (yoo-e) Karlberg had just started her transition and was using music as a creative outlet mainly for her own self healing
She discovered Bon Iver aka Justin Vernon and began writing songs about mental health issues, being trans, having Asperger’s, love as well as other spiritual songs.
Fast forward to 2016 and she rediscovered herself after experimenting with other musical projects and ‘Ethereal’ was born.
With a beautifully and hauntingly hypnotic debut album available online and as a full-time busker and musical artist, she hopes to reach out and heal others who may think they too have lost themselves .....because after all, we should never feel alone




My musical journey started at the age of 3 on a stage of a synagogue Hall in Essex. My Aunt, a skilled seamstress, had made me a turquoise sparkly jumpsuit, of the fashion for 1973, and I sang Baa Baa Black Sheep. That was it! I was hooked on the adrenaline rush brought on by the audiences response.
Throughout my education, I seized every opportunity to perform in all productions. Also at this time, Mum signed me up for after school group lessons of singing and drama at Sylvie Young uns Academy. Through them, I was given the chance to audition for the play and film version of Annie. We were thrilled when I progressed through the vocal audition, only to fail at the dancing try out. Every year, at secondary school, a popular musical was put on and I was given parts to play. Jan in Grease and Mabel the secretary in the Pyjama Game were extremely satisfying to play.
I left school at 16 and couldn't wait to earn some money of my own. However, after 4 years, I became disillusioned and feeling I wasn't on the right path, I left full time work to go back to college to do a B tec course in Performing Arts. After honing my skills in 2 years, I gained merits and distinctions. An audition came up for a place on an entertainments team for HavanWarner in Seaton Devon. Packing up my Fiesta, with all my belongings, I drove to the holiday centre to become a Teamstar for a season. Here, I learnt new skills such as and performing in the cabaret show. It was here that I met the future father of my 2 boys, so when the contract ended, we decided to visit friends in Sheffield and stayed for two years. I joined a girl band called Treacle. The difference with this one was the girls played their own instruments and myself as one of the vocalists.
One baby later, our little family decided to move back to my home town of Ilford, to be nearer family. It wasn't long before I joined a local covers band. Five of us, rehearsed in a small room at the bass players house. The room was so small, I had to stand on tip toe to take cues from all the band members. This gave us the band name " The Meerkats" as we looked like them standing on guard.
I had to give up the band, when expecting another baby and I guess I was too busy to practice. Consequently, I realised that I could not stop practicing music as It got me down. I then meet another female vocalist at another band audition, Jennifer. Neither of us got the gig so we decided to form out own duo and soon began to work the Essex/London circuit as Coffee and Cream. We had the best 10 years with my partner in crime but all good things must come to an end. Jennifer moved up North and I was left to gig solo, to get my adrenaline fix.
Around the same time, I decided that shelf stacking at Wilkinsons wasn't the career I wanted so back to college to do a music facilitators course. After passing, I gained a job working for the local music service, delivering vocal lessons in several different secondary schools. 20 years later, I was still passing on my experience and passion for performing to the next generation. One colleague, John Clarke offered to help me produce a 10 track original album " Sweet Release" as it was always an ambition to do so.
Gigging solo isn't much fun when your singing to one man and his dog. Although I tried to carry on performing solo when 6 years ago, I relocated to Bournemouth. Doing the odd solo gig here and there and appearances at local music festivals singing my own material. After 6 years of looking for a band to join, I had a message from Ethereal, who was looking for a singer. I was impressed by her multi musical talents songwriting and spiritual sound, so I decided to join the band Ethereal and the Elevated. She also gave me the opportunity to busk, so that was one thing ticked on my bucket list and I'm looking forward to working creatively with her.