I was expecting to wait up to an hour to get my first jab today but I got it instantly as soon as I walked in to the surgery....and I am glad it wasn’t the surgery that I usually would’ve gone to if I had been seeing my GP. 

Why? I don’t know. I guess I just admired a change for once. 

However, it was them that invited me ...not the one that I went to ...which I thought was a bit odd. 

I admit that I was feeling quite excited beforehand because I didn’t know what to expect but seeing as I had had monthly jobs before when I was suffering from a thyroid condition, it felt like a walk in the park. 

They were very professional. Cars were going in and out of the place as if it was the main event of the year and men in high viz jackets were guiding them as well as patients like myself. 

The first man directed me to the second who was standing by the entrance and he directed me in. 

As soon as I was in fellow ‘sisters’ were in charge which made me feel less anxious. 

I’m certain one of them had a familiar face but it looked like she and her associate were enjoying trying to guess how to spell our names because for instance with my surname ....most people in this country assume it starts with a ‘C’. 

It’s incredible how alcohol affects people isn’t it? 

You either get the pun there ....or you ‘probably’ don’t and after I tell you that a sister asked me about 10 questions related to any possible allergies and if I have had any experience with getting Covid before the Oxford degree jab..... 

You’re probably wondering why I decided to choose having the jab.... 

It’s the same as with wearing the face mask. 

I don’t want any confrontation with people or debates or any tension and it’s just to be the safe side amongst all this over exaggerated nonsense. 

Plus, it was a good excuse to get out of the flat and get some fresh air, exercise and breakfast in the morning as well as something to write about of course! 

As far as vaccinations are concerned, being an endomorph ( someone with a biologically big build) sure has its advantages because instantly after the job... I did not receive any side-effects but we shall see what happens later. 

It’s now 9:17 which is nearly an hour after the jab and all I have is an acute pain where the needle went in. 

It’s now 14:35 and after finishing another song for the album and having lunch...I’m not really in the mood to do anything else apart from watch a movie until it’s time to make dinner at 5pm. 

This isn’t a side effect of the vaccine’s just me making decisions and wanting to go with the flow today. 

It’s now 18:01 and as I write this....I think about the horrible tinned slimy excuse for a Thai green curry that I had with soy pieces before throwing the slime down the sink and making fresh Thai style cucumber salad which was definitely a healthier and tastier option. 

Well, THAT will teach me never to buy tinned ready made food again even though there’s another 2 still standing on my shelf! 

Anyways, time to watch an old fashioned Thai drama movie and I’ve just realised that one of my fave actors (who is VERY hot right now) is in it! 

That’ll keep my spirits up and high enough until tomorrow!

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