It’s now 23:27 at the time of writing this and I arrived back home from a road trip with Leo and his friend Gemma at around 9pm to make an attempt at finishing off the rearrangement of my room. 

98% done! 

Leo had to come back to mine to pick up his back and so, they both got here around 6pm. 

Instead of Leo going straight back home with his bike, we decided to go somewhere random to have dinner so off we went to Tesco’s in Highcliffe before a seaside visit (plus vegan ‘fish’ and chips ....the ‘fish’ was banana blossom and was totally tasty although I must confess I was expecting it to be soy/pea/wheat protein....which is good that it wasn’t as they’re not gluten free) at Mudeford Quays. 

That that took us to the New Forest and as the sun was setting, we saw a group of about 15-20 deer grazing on grass in a field....before seeing another deer that had spots just like Bambi and then of course we stopped to pamper 2 ponies and a white horse for a while. 

After that, we intentionally got lost as we wanted to make the most of the evening and then it was back in time for Leo to get the train back to his. 

I can’t wait to do this all over again in June when things have settled down. 

Anyways....that was this afternoon and evening! 

Yesterday morning, I heard and saw a beautiful ginger cat on the rooftop of ‘the shed’ where my brother used to live and I was trying to get her attention. However.... she was too busy grooming herself with the leaves of our next door neighbour’s tree. Little did I know that ginger cats would be one of the main topics during my visit to Lorna‘s yesterday. 

One famous ginger cat you may have heard of... Is Garfield....if you haven’t then you’re invited to read the following: 

“Garfield is a fictional cat and the protagonist of the comic strip of the same name, created by Jim Davis. The comic strip centers on Garfield, portrayed as a lazy, fat, and cynical orange persian/tabby cat. He is noted for his love of lasagna and sleeping, and his hatred of Mondays, fellow cat Nermal and exercise.” 

Source: Wikipedia 

You may be wondering… What does a fictional ginger cat have to do with yours truly? 

Well, let’s kindly rewind the daylight saving time in this rather jet lagged state at 12:06 way back to 6am. 

I already knew that I couldn’t busk in Blandford today because my sax playing friend told me she’s already decided yesterday that she would be busking there. 

I then thought about busking in Ferndown but I knew I would spend way too much money at their Tesco’s or at my Thai associate’s chip shop if I went. 

I thought about busking in Swanage but then I thought “it’s probably dead like everywhere else” ...and then I considered Christchurch Market. 

However, over- thinking knackered me out so I found myself going back to sleep... But then I thought about when my brother called me on Friday to express concerns about me 5 to 10 years from now which of course hasn’t even happened yet. 

I am still confused about whatever he was implying so I thought the best people to ask ...would be my parents. 

I got the impression that even not have a clue so that encouraged me to ignore it and go back to sleep. 

Two hours later. 

“Why am I feeling so tired?!” I thought to myself ...”I must try and wake up because this is getting silly now!” 

After successfully ‘going to Mexico to pick some beans’....I decided to watch a review of Godzilla vs. Kong instead of listening to morning prayer and that finally got me out of bed. 

My flatmate (who works from home) and I both agreed that our tiredness came from the ‘daylight savings time’ and then I, for one going to go steady this week and only busk in New Milton to save money and focus on my Thai album instead. 

I’ve got loads of food at home so I better take advantage of that instead of buying processed food plus I’m finally starting to lose weight again. 

It’s now 12:45 at the time of writing this and I’m going to make attempt at rearranging my room because the way my bed is placed currently isn’t good for my upper shoulder area. 

Before I forget ...I should be proud of myself that I at least told a venue in Dorchester that’s looking for performers... that I am available....made an ad on Join My Band and in a local Facebook group that I’m available as a rhythm guitarist and told Rachael that I will be up for being a guitarist for her if she wants to sing again. 

As I write that last bit I was told to be careful if it were to happen again... Keep it as professional as possible!

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