Despite misplacing my sunnies somewhere last night, it was nice to be ‘blinded by the light’ as I left home to get to New Milton. 

Seeing as it wasn’t such a productive morning and all I had to do was restring one of the insubordinate legs to my weathered camping chair ....this reminded me it’s not Monday any more ....that I am satisfied with how I arranged my bedroom albeit thinking what else could be done with it ....and that all I had to do was simply pack my guitar case and get dressed. 

I suppose I was still in limbo but listening to Thai celebrities talking first thing in the morning encouraged me to get a wiggle on. 

I would also like to quickly mention that yet again ....I was so happy after my encounter with the deer and the equestrians that I almost cried myself to sleep with a genuine smile on my face. 

It’s 10:09...I’m on the train and my face mask keeps wanting to slide up my face and get stuck in my eye! 

Speaking of which ....I WAS feeling anxious about something last night and to do with the slight issue that I am the only one in my household who has had the jab and the others refuse to. 

I knew it! 

I knew on Saturday morning that even after having the vaccine, that there will still be some kind of ‘heat’. 

Due to my flatmates refusing to have it....that now means that I am forbidden any physical contact with my close friends and as you know already... I love cuddling. 

Fortunately, we can still meet up once or twice a week so it’s not all ‘doom and gloom’. 

In regards to that, Lorna texted me just as I left home and as she decided she ACTUALLY needed to buy some stuff in town today ....we arranged to meet up not long after I had arrived. 

I had totally forgotten that my sax playing busking friend Marta had told me she was going to be there today so I was surprised to see her. 

I explained that I was there to meet up with Lorna and that I will be busking way down the road so that we can’t hear each other. 

I’m not sure how she actually felt about me being there but I could tell she was happy to see me and despite the sun being out already....her sax playing definitely brightened up the dead streets a whole lot more which was enough to encourage me to try out some Bollywood style moves. (discreetly) 

Instead of the usual Subway baggy for lunch, (although not having one must’ve encouraged me to want to make a fried tofu dish and a fried rice paper dish at home) I encouraged myself to keep my weight down and have 2 long red peppers and a carton of soya chocolate milk instead whilst Lorna had her usual takeaway coffee. 

Even Ian yapping on the other side of my phone wasn’t enough to fill me up though. 

Wait!! I forgot about busking.....well, I wasn’t there for long but I managed to stream it and as usual ....I always sing in my chest voice when I am busking with my acoustic guitar. 

This time around I was setting up ....a gentleman who looked like he was heading somewhere after a Neil Young lookalike competition was already in the mood to give me a dose of love as he walked past. 

It was back to being quiet as usual after that although I realised another gentleman was sitting on a bench nearby with his bike and then as he decided he wanted to head off ....I saw him reach into his pocket and get £10 out of his wallet as I was singing. 

Obviously, I didn’t look and assumed it was for something else and I was so grateful when he put it down on my guitar case! 

Shortly after that...I had 5 minutes to pack up and then Lorna showed up! 

After our lunch in the park and virtual chin wag with Ian...we parted ways and I made my way back to the station. 

As I approached the platform bench, a lady was there with her 2 year old dog and baby in a pram. 

The dog took one look at me and really wanted to come over. In the end, her mummy allowed her to and so I had this cute fluffy pup wanting my affection before lying down by my left leg until the train arrived in the next 5 minutes reminding me of the experience I had with the ponies last night! 

The rest of the day consisted of watching 2 B - movies and whilst I am writing this ...I can’t believe it’s already 21:06! 

EARNINGS: £11 ( I only busker for 30-45 minutes!)

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