There were so many things I wanted to do this morning.... 

I had aimed to design my next copy and paste item that I would wear when busking which will either be a skater dress or trousers all thanks to the power station that is Printful which a close friend introduced me to but kale for breakfast was more important. 

I had aimed to add up how much I have earnt from album sales and busking this month and then let Department of Work and Pensions know as agreed upon with my work coach recently but buying lots and lots of tofu from the local Asian shop (seeing as it’s actually open) was more important. 

After all....I have loads of time today to get those 2 things done ....but, it’s just my mind seems more ‘functionable’ in the morning even though my body doesn’t so there’s times when I find myself doing lots of things in the ‘spur of the moment’. 

Let’s not forget that it’s my fave day of the week today so whatever I was going to do’s very likely that I would be feeling positive. 

It’s 12:08 whilst I am writing this and a busker has just finished his half an hour set here in Boscombe. I was hoping to hear more it was so good but on the other side of where I am sitting outside Sainsbury’s....there’s maintenance going on and off and I don’t blame him for being put off by it. 

Perhaps I will come here Friday or some time next week seeing as he didn’t get into any trouble. 

Looking forward to another whiff of Mary Jane to remind me that I am back in Boscombe again soon. Who knows? Maybe I will return later today with Leo. 

As I walked to the nearest bus stop ...I couldn’t help noticing all the usual stares I received just like I did when I came into Boscombe earlier and just like I do any other time. 

I confess that people staring/looking at me or even when I hear their laughter ....this makes me feel paranoid at times and it shouldn’t! 

Today, I reminded myself .....I love ‘the London look’...and I call it that because every time I have gone to London ...I feel like I fit right in and I just love how charismatic and flamboyant everyone dresses there ....even the gents and kids! 

“Women on their phones” said a familiar voice and face earlier in a form of banter before telling him that I’m writing my book and having a brief chin wag with him. 

THAT was certainly a highlight (perhaps the third after buying 5 packs of lots of tofu for £1.85 each and then hearing the busker for 30 minutes) of my day! 

Oops ....Just missed another bus back home at 12:28 but I am happy sitting here on this bench writing about my day so far. 

There’s another every 10 minutes anyways! 

It’s now 17:58 and the soles of my feet feel like they are burning from walking from home to the beach via my local town of Southbourne with Leo. 

Fortunately, dinner was on him today meaning I didn’t have to spend more than the money I spent on the tofu and new rug and was nice to have Sriracha flavoured corn and dried peas, raspberries and fruit juice down by the beach instead whilst Leo was doing his yoga. 

It’s now 19:28....I’ve finished designing my dress online and I think my feet don’t feel like they’re burning any more. 

I suppose I will find out in a minute. 

It turns out (according to Facebook) that it’s Transgender Day of Visibility today and I was hesitant to find the right words to say and share on there as I know my own community are potentially sensitive but then I found some beautiful words that another trans lady shared and tagged her poetry page. 

It’s times like that AND even when I am writing my memoirs that I wish I could instantly improve my vocabulary and say what I am feeling but as always always stays on the tip of my tongue. 

Anyways, time to finish off this memoir ....and simmer down with a movie in bed! 

And yeah .....I had another great day and there were no mental or physical challenges whatsoever involved which is also a good thing!

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