As I started making my way over to Rachael’s, I was greeted by a strong gust of wind and fortunately I was still wearing my usual winter outfit despite being tempted to put on something more summer -y earlier. 

I’m glad I didn’t and as I write this on my phone ....even my fingers are feeling numb so I better continue writing later! 

Apparently it’s supposed to be really chilly over the next 2 - 3 days but BBC Weather shows me that the sun will still be shining so that’s good enough for me. 

Talking about sun shine ....I felt quite tired at Rachael’s and we needed at least 2 breaks during the 11 out of 28 songs we practiced. 

It’s now 16:15 and after having homemade Thai food and getting back into bed to do some writing ....I actually feel uncomfortable and paranoid being in the same flat as the others and I hope they both go out soon. 

Before having a go at her dad (who apparently is a nightmare) on the phone ....she was singing ‘Walking in the Air. 

Even though she CAN sing....I didn’t want to hear it and whether it’s just or not....but they seem to be acting strange today which is another reason why I am in my room. 

I can’t help dosing off as I write this so I think it’s best I write Morning after a 30 minute power nap. 

It’s now 17:50 and of course....I’ve just woken up to the same day but as I am not feeling so tired....I reckon I can now take on any ‘noise’ that’s about to occur around the flat and upstairs. 

Apart from that I need a coffee....and that I feel rather peckish and I’m in the mood for watching caffeinated movies for the rest of the evening ....I can’t really think about what else to write.... 

.....but here’s a quick note to self: 


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