I’m currently feeling physically tired but not fed up. 

I’m currently feeling positive because I chose to feel that way as soon as I woke up this morning despite a little mistake I made which was quickly amended. 

It’s now 17:50 at the time of... Well... You know the rest! 

My feet and knee caps could do with self healing but just like how I was feeling about my brother yesterday.... A good night’s sleep soon fixed that. 

The morning officially commenced with a gentle push from my agent to make and contribute a video of me dancing (as promised) and send it to an artist who is also with the agency before the 9th of April deadline for Miami Pride 2021! 

It’s such a catchy pop song and it’s amazing how the artist managed to turn fireworks into music! 

If it hadn’t been for my agent contacting me... I suppose I would’ve continued feeling miserable and mentally hung over the whole day. 

To make things even better, I instantly recognised the voice of my brother back home in the kitchen having a quick catch up with my flatmates. 

“P-Hole! “ I shouted out in excitement just to let him know I’m at home… But that instantly backfired on me seeing as he’s the introverted type. 

However, as he was leaving… He asked me how I am and before I gave him a quick hug… I said “I’ve got a present for you “. 

I suppose with most sisters... that would make them smile or feel happy inside but I’m different. 

It gave me a boost of positive energy... Enough to do a little dance in the kitchen even though one of my flatmates were in there. 

“I love your energy nice to see you happy. That makes ME happy” she texted to me as Ian and I were on our way by bus to Poole for the day. 

I don’t know how I managed to encourage Ian to walk 5 miles today with me but now that we are back home, I’m very proud of us both. 

Perhaps it was the fish and chips that he had and the chips and curry sauce that I had that gave us some fuel for the day and on that note ....I’m glad Ian left the car down the road from mine. 

As you already know... We usually meet up with Lorna on Sundays but as she is visiting her family in the Isle of Wight this weekend… Ian and I arranged to still meet up today. 

We even got to see Leo outside McDonald’s for five minutes with just his shorts on and top off ready to do his regular yoga exercise. 

I was determined to do as much as I could of Holes Bay Nature Park today ( just like I did that very moist and windy Friday 2 weeks ago!) and I was hoping that it would go all the way round but it joins onto Upton Country Park.... meaning that that will be the next thing I tick off my bucket list for another day. 

We were both blessed by the Sun and even though there was a strong wind at times…. I was still able to take off my thermal undergarments and feel the Sun slightly burning my thighs as Ian and I sat on rocks by the river bank observing a mallard duck wading in their own private pool and nearby were two swans gargling some water from the lake. 

I would actually love to go back there first thing in the morning or around six in the evening to see what wildlife comes out of hiding… But during the day, we were at least lucky to see oystercatchers (which are black and white birds with long beaks and legs like yours truly) and a UFO! 

A UFO?!! 

Yes! That’s right! 

It looked like a big purple object reminiscent of a plastic bag and I instantly asked Ian “how could such a big plastic bag be floating high above the rooftops of those houses in the distance?! “ 

How utterly bewildering! 

Anyways... At least I can cross “see a UFO “off of my bucket list now as well. 

On the other hand, let’s see how busking goes in bank holiday infested Blandford tomorrow! 

Or maybe I should keep celebrating today’s achievements a bit longer first? 

It sure reminded me of all the places that Ian and I used to travel to in the past especially to do gigs....but hey ....I guess I am just easily satisfied!

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