I went to bed with a strong headache and woke up with one. 

The weather report said there’s going to be sleet in Blandford ....but seeing as it’s just my guitar and my camping chair ....that wasn’t going to stop me! 

Last night before calling it a day ....I dug out all the usual busking gear I used to use before ....2 vocal big busking amp etc etc. 

They sounded great combined together with my backing tracks but when it came to thinking how I will carry it all especially on the bus....I decided it’s not worth it! 

This upset me abit but low and behold ...I then thought it would be a good idea to hire out a local rehearsal space and get my fix there because right now ....gigging is still pretty much forbidden. 

Oops! I forgot that bank holiday would also affect the bus time table as well so here I am having to wait an extra 10 minutes! 

It’s pretty nippy today too at 7:27 in the morning. 

I’ve now just found out that the next bus to Blandford from Poole isn’t until 10:50. Hmmm. If I was to get to Poole today ...I would have to have waited nearly 2 hours! 

This means I better go somewhere else today and after all...everything happens for a reason and even when it’s not happening’s STILL happening! 

This is another thing I love about busking ....having the time to think about things in between which gives me the time to anticipate ‘problems’. 

It’s now 7:34 and my fingers feel like they’re getting to the point where if I had to wait longer than 6 minutes ...they ‘might drop off’. 

On that note, I suppose an hour’s busk will suffice today....perhaps in Ferndown? 

The bus finally arrived at 7:42 and as I sat down in my usual spot upstairs, I thought about the foreign lady I met at the bus stop who had also ‘forgotten’ it’s bank holiday today but fortunately...was able to get a lift to work in the end. 

I thought about how she dressed too. Thick black winter a casual winter attire suitable for perhaps an office job and then there’s me ...overdressed as usual because I know I am vulnerable to feeling unwell easily. 

Perhaps that’s why I had the strong headaches ....a combination of thinking I would be warm enough in just my tie dye dress and boot flare jeans yesterday with the spontaneous gusts of strong wind here and there. 

Yes! That makes so much sense now. 

With another 20 minutes to go before the Ferndown bus arrived, I thought I would head straight to Tesco’s and get my morning raspberries but ....that’s another thing I have forgotten about bank holidays ....that all shops are closed even supermarkets but then I remembered that my local was open yesterday so I decided to walk back to Tesco’s and find out if they are actually open because I know I WILL get more hungry than this later! 

“Easter Sunday - CLOSED” 

Well, I guess I will just have to have a little walk around the current ghost town that is Bournemouth until my bus comes just to keep my fingers warm. 

At 8:11 ....I must confess that I am so tempted to just go back home. There’s plenty of food there and warmth and whilst this lockdown is still happening ...there is no point being money driven for just an hour’s busk! 

As soon as I walked round the corner ....I saw my Ferndown bus! Thanks Cosmos! 

No more ranting for a few minutes apart from that I’m missing my regular raspberry replenishment. 

At 8:57 ...I’m in Ferndown’s Tesco wishing I could busk in here because it’s REALLY REALLY quiet outside. 

I’m now on the bus back to Bournemouth after getting my raspberry and cashew nut fix. It’s a good thing that an hour goes by so quickly and at least I can get on with recording when I am back home then do this all again as I head back to Dorchester tomorrow. 

Oh!! It just dawned on me that Lorna said a few days ago that Ian and I could come over so that will have been something to look forward to later today!! 

It’s now 21:20 and I am ready to get back into bed after a nice chin wag, homemade Thai salad, herbal teas and a lovely sunset at Lorna’s with Ian!

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