Let’s forget about the temperature outside for a minute because we all know that after the light snow yesterday ....the cold won’t be going away for a while. 

Perhaps another 2 weeks according to one of my flat mates who ALWAYS complains about the flat being too cold! 

I deal with that by keeping on my winter jacket, socks and shoes AND get dressed when one of my hot flushes arrive! 

In regards to that ....What was keeping me all heated up this morning was the idea of busking back in Boscombe again after seeing another busker doing his thing with amplification. 

After my visit there, I would come to the conclusion that he was able to get away with it! 

However, as I know I can easily land myself into a pickle because of not being in the right place and the right time in the past ....I went there with just my guitar and chair! 

I was anxious about the fact that the other busker could be there before me....that maintenance was still going on in the high street and of course....getting fined £200. 

It’s now 11:22 and I have just begged a street patrol officer if I could get away with busking for just 1 hour.... 

“You’re not really supposed to until the 12th so it’s not really on” 

I then thought to myself after this that ....hmm, maybe I should’ve just got on with it just like the other busker did but seeing as there’s still maintenance going on and a delivery truck outside Boscombe Arts Depo (which is my usual spot) ...I realised that it’s not worth it. to the supermarket to buy some herbs for my Thai salad then back home I go.... 

If I hadn’t had made commitments today with Rachael...I suppose I could’ve gone to Ferndown but then ...I haven’t gotten used to cold fingers yet and I don’t intend to! 

Whilst I decided to sit on the usual bench outside of Sainsbury’s chewing and digesting on a pack of veggie jerky instead of rushing back home ....I suppose I was waiting for something incredibly awesome to happen but perhaps that already happened after I had sew’d up most of the tears in my usual winter jacket and I must admit felt like a new coat! 

“Thankyou for using me” said one of the newly installed Mr.Fill bins. 

I suppose that was my awesome moment over and done with for the day and as much as I would like to continue writing outside on this bench ....I’d rather do it somewhere warmer. 

However, as I was writing that....a young couple had started setting up outside a closed down shop and I was seeing the young gentleman putting up framed photos of what I can only assume is of their newly born baby. 

There was a dark pink pram too with 2 canvases facing each other and when revealed said things like: 

“End the unlawful kidnapping of children ....freedom of speech of cooperation of silence? which they lied about us and took our baby by falsifying others” and “ We stood up to social services as it is well known that they are breaking up families” 

Now ....I have never had kids so I must confess that I am pretty naive about this but I sure hope that this young couple gets justice! 

And I am all for other people who try to raise awareness. It’s a shame they had received verbal abuse from a senior gentleman but that’s Boscombe for you. 

It’s now 12:13 and after my third encounter with another close associate....a gentleman iwho represents Census 2021 has just entered a resident’s building and I won’t be surprised if they get fined because their registration is now way overdue! 

I certainly don’t wish that upon anyone but getting fined was certainly one of the worries on my mind on this blessed day of a Wednesday. 

Anyways, the temperature seems to have dropped lower but at least I made an effort to stay as long as I could in Bos Vagueness! 

At 12:25 I had enough time to get back home ....make my North Eastern Thai salad with tofu and get to Rachael’s in time for 3pm. 

So, seeing as I like working things out like a bank heist... 

If it takes me about 30 minutes to walk from Castlepoint to her place...that means I must arrive in Castlepoint at 2:30pm BUT ....seeing as it’s very likely that I may as well have my dinner at hers....I should arrive in Castlepoint at 2 instead. 

It takes about an hour to get there from Bournemouth which means....I have just over an hour to get something to eat at home for lunch! 

The bus arrived about 13:50 because I knew that Rachael would be okay with me being late but if it was someone who I didn’t know as well ....I may have left at 1pm. 

Anyways, the Thai salad turned out tasty just like the video tutorial that I was following it from. I was so proud of it that I shared it with my mum who told me she had made a Thai tofu dish that’s also vegan for her and my step dad and he absolutely loved it! 

I’ll have to give that a go at some stage. 

Stir fried tofu and vegetables with cashew nuts sounds pretty easy to make when you’re the daughter of a half Thai half Chinese lady! 

I arrived at Rachael’s 15:05. Let’s not forget that I am a fast Walker and I was blessed with another cosmically awesome moment of seeing 3 mallard ducks lying down on the grass by the side of the road just a few minutes before my arrival! 

Rehearsal no.2 went a lot smoother today for some reason as I had decided to work on the songs that I don’t know and I can thank my ‘autistic mind’ that I can at least imitate the rhythm of a song almost instantly....but when it came to a song that I am a BIG fan of this case, Alanis Morrissette’s ‘Ironic’....I was getting rather upset at the same chords I had found in all the sites and knew something wasn’t right. 

In the end, I decided to just get on with it for the sake of Rachael and that she had other commitments and like an injection worked out okay. 

I am so proud of her that she went out of her comfort zone with some of the songs and was so happy when she said she reckons we’ll be gig ready around May! 

Even though I’ve just eaten my foot long subway baggy and cookie ...that didn’t stop me from finishing the fresh Thai salad I had left in my fridge as I arrived back home at 18:03. 

My memoirs done for the day and that means I can now watch a film at 18:52. 

I know for sure that I WILL be able to busk in New Milton tomorrow although I must admit ....I definitely chose the wrong week to give it a twirl as on Friday at work coach will be calling me to discuss how I can record my ‘work and earnings’ from busking which means I won’t be able to busk in Salisbury! 

Oh well. At least I can make another attempt to call my clinic to arrange a telephone consultation with my GP and discuss about getting a blood test and going back on hormonal replacement therapy ....meaning that’ll put a stop to all my hot flushes AND my breasts will grow bigger and my voice will become more feminine again .... 

....and then ....there’s lots of work to do on my Thai covers album plus I may be able to have enough creative juice to write a song in Thai about being a ‘halfie’. 

Who knows? 

Who cares? 


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