I’m currently in the mood for taking it very easy today after Rachael came over and we meet an attempt at rehearsing. 

The good thing is... is that there’s only two more songs left that I need to vaguely know and THAT can wait until next week. 

At least we had a good giggle and a chinwag as usual and even had a quick lunch together as we chilled on the sofa in the lounge like 2 lightweight straightedge ladies who can’t handle 1 little fickle alcoholic drink from last night! 

However, in regards to the rest of the day...anything or even anyone... can pop up at any time because that’s how unpredictable my life is at the moment as a free spirit! 

Turns out nothing else happened apart from briefly meeting 2 of The Kid’s work colleagues. 

Another way to interpret me taking it very easy today is that I’m feeling pretty worn out from yesterday evening. 

My petite convenient wish came true....but of course that led onto other things! 

After finding some more bargains on frozen fruit at Iceland for this morning‘s porridge…. I hooked up with post-busking Leo at the gardens and with my nifty clip on phone lens selections such as a fish-eye and wide angle lens so as to film his first ever music video. 

However...we had planned to film it on the pier. That’s what he wanted to do so off we went on a 10 minute journey as well as bumping into The Kid chatting to Flatmate B on the phone after her usual slack line rendezvous sponsored by THC (a.k.a tetrahydrocannabinol) Ltd. 

I was also greeted by a guy who recognised me from a past performance at a local live music venue and asked me “Are you still singing?” 

I replied “Of course I am” not expecting to be referred as ‘bruv’ as he walked off. 

In this context....I didn’t say anything because he looks like the type who could potentially beat me up! 

In regards to the the pier was already occupied by anglers and your average middle-class beach bums of different ages and sizes. 

I became slightly anxious so I took five out on a bench and meditated to get some ideas which led us to go underneath the pier instead...walking past The Kid’s small slack lining crew in the process. 

I swear Cheech and Chong would’ve been most proud of them due to the familiar aroma coming from their direction. 

If you don’t know who Cheech and Chong are ....they are Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong who are both comedians well known for making comedy movies about being stoned musicians. 

“Nice “said one of them who looked quite similar to The Kid with the way she dressed and how she has her hair. 

I’ve only met two of her friends before but to see what these people look like….tells me that she’s in safe hands. 

Obviously, I care about her.....just like anybody else in my life. 

I’ve probably stated this in my memoirs before so here’s a reminder… making and creating music videos is NOT a walk in the park! 

Fortunately, with Leo being a talented performance artist and after as well as musician in my book combined with a video for rock band Deftones’s ‘Be Quiet & Drive’ which looks kind of similar to where we did ours yesterday…. I believe the video looked quite good in the end and it was a success. 

Anyways… I was eager to get the video edited as soon as possible before my phone decides that videos can’t be played anymore due to storage issues and so it took me an hour and a half from 7 until 8:30 this morning to get the video done in the comfort of my own bed. 

I’m surprised I woke up so early! 

I was fortunate to have gotten a lift back home in the safety of a car by one of the new friends I met at Obsidian arts café....the same place where I met Tony the art therapist the day I was having my autistic burnout. 

Leo somehow made his own way home and I hope he wasn’t too drunk! 

After I shot his video and he shot mine... as we wanted to make the most of the beach…. We were feeling rather peckish and had no idea how quickly the time had gone by. 

Meaning that to our dismay... all restaurants…. especially the ones we made an attempt at...had stopped serving food already around 21:30. 

After a brief bike exhibition outside one of the restaurants.... we made our way up the hilly road which was slightly challenging for my lockdown state of mind and body with Obsidian as a main destination. 

An impromptu performance of upbeat covers and singalong songs by yours truly came into play as well as a free glass of whatever double shot it was with coke and a brief performance from Leo as well to promote his album. 

I have to confess though.....part of me felt guilty for not doing much today but it was nice to catch up with my mind, body and soul again!

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