It's a good thing that I don't always dance with Mary Jane or celebrate good times with Cool Alcazar because I struggle enough as it is when I am coming down from the typical legal highs I get from Wednesday evenings at Obsidian anyways! 

Even Rachael was coming down from hers so at least we were feeling the effects together from the very moment she arrived at 10 this morning for her regular Friday recording session…. 

The day began with me being in one of my weird moods and I am glad that The Kid or Flatmate B didn’t take it too personally. 

After all….after succeeding her ‘6 month probation’ of living here and that our rollercoaster ride of misunderstandings and what not eventually came to an optimistic end ….we have learnt that we have to encourage each other to communicate as much as possible and with the severe PTSD that she has….I have learnt by now to be more cautious especially when using sharp objects in the kitchen. 

She was buzzin’ this morning as I wasn’t ….so, I went totally ninja mode until after my ceremonial porridge. 

A bit of agave syrup was all I needed to sweeten me up abit for the day and when Rachael got me started on her next track ….I was fully awake and ready to take on the task. 

Now on days like today when one is still coming down from a great night that happened 2 nights ago …..manipulating samples instead of recording your own comes in handy and so, the main parts of Rachael’s song were sussed in a jiffy. 

The only live instruments we had to add were her vocals, bass AND as it’s the key of A minor….which is obviously the BBC’s favourite chord but don’t quote me on that! ….my beloved traditional Thai guitar ….the pin! 

The basics were all done and dusted just in time for Rachael’s light lunch and my heavy -ish one consisting of fried soy protein (can I even say ‘meat’ any more?) and a home made selection consisting of salad, cashew nut dressing, baba ganoush, fresh peppers and onions. 

It’s now 15:53 and before dinner at 17:00, I hope to have enough energy to at least get another 3 or 4 backing tracks done and start rehearsing them for Sunday’s 30 minute gig. 

…I also have to screen shot lyrics to some of the new songs as well which is likely to be the most challenging…. 

Time for my third caffeinated brew of the day first though!

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