I could’ve been participating in a telephone interview with Tryston and Ant about now at 20:42 but as with all first timers…. we will try again next Saturday instead. 

As Ant is a big fan of The Doors…we recently came to the conclusion that we should do a trip hop version of ‘Riders On The Storm’ and so….we did….as well as adding jazz piano influences. 

Only a handful of people…who mainly reside in Manchester….have heard it and love it so far and I had intended to perform it at Rimski’s Yard in Churchill Gardens near Boscombe earlier today but seeing as Rimski and Handkerchief are two of the most easy-going and open-minded organisers I have ever met... I performed all originals ‘Blue Skies, ‘Cotton Clouds Of Thoughts & Dreams, ‘Deathroll Conclusion’, ‘Frontline Propaganda’... and as that last one was apparently TOO intense for the kids... as well as Leo’s Ethereal mask... I finished up with ‘The Ghost Of Love’…seeing as that’s the most poppiest, audience friendly song I have ever written to date! 

I’ve literally just got back from having dinner with Lorna, Leo and Ian at Thai Smile after a two year hiatus of not dining at my beloved local restaurant! 

I’m so glad they still remember me and thus, we were given a 10% discount! 

I just hope we weren’t too loud with our giggling and freedom of expression. 

I love after parties especially after gigs and going there and introducing Ian and Lorna to Obsidian before that...kept my heart and mind pumping full of serotonin in unison. 

After singing and playing a few of my debut album tunes whilst The Kid was studying SEO a.k.a ‘search engine optimisation’….we both called it a day at two this morning. 

We had had another long chat about flatmate stuff and getting to understand each other without having to fall out again. 

We had both been feeling low and even though living together CAN feel claustrophobic….we have both agreed that we MUST keep up with the communication! 

Anyways ….in regards to why we in bed so late ….let’s not exclude my brother, his girlfriend, a mutual friend of ours, and his girlfriend having a noisy gathering upstairs when they had arrived back home around 11 after their experience down the pub to support England’s triumphant next match in the postponed UEFA Euro 2020. 

Seeing as I’m not a football fan, I still have loads of respect for and can be found and heard singing ‘Three Lions’ by The Lightning Seeds featuring David Baddiel and Frank Skinner IF and when it is being played on a nearby speaker just like today before I began my own performance. 

I was awake just before my alarm went off around 10 am and instead of putting on a film due to only having an hour and a half to transform myself into Miss Pretty In Pink PVC, pack up my backing tracks and vocal effects pedals stuff and get on down to Churchill Gardens with Ian and Lorna and then meet Leo there... I put on some Thai country music instead as I thought I might as well make myself familiar with them before the relevant gig that I have been booked for at the end of this month! 

Before they arrived though, I was super anxious because The Kid had never seen me all glammed up before and she was very supportive about it when she did and told me that I look stunning…. well…something like that anyways. 

I received nothing but compliments today in regards to my performance and especially my outfit despite being told umpteen times never to wear it especially in public by the only person in my life who is allowed to tell me what to do even though I’m sure she knows by now how rebellious...NOT stubborn... I can be…in regards to expressing myself. 

For sure ….she means well and she’s got every right to be worried about me. 

I would be the same to my own child or even someone who is THAT close to me! 

There were so many highlights today but I suppose the main one would’ve been just after my show when a group of 4 -5 9 year old Polish girls came up to me asking for my social media handles and one of them…who went to the event all by herself …sat next to me the whole time as I was watching the last band playing! 

With all the surge of confidence and connections I felt today …. I can’t wait to dress in PVC pink again but on the other hand…. 

I MUST balance it out so that I don’t hide anything about me such as my own issues ….behind it just like I have behind my guitar and music for so many years!

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