The morning began quite productively again. 

Waking up at 6am using my phone’s alarm was no issue despite the reoccurring moments of waking up between 3 and 4 as of late. 

Whenever I have an idea, I instantly check my phone and of course that is not a good idea in the middle of the night because apparently the light and ‘radiation’ is unhealthy for you. 

Regarding unhealthy....I decided to treat myself to some vegan junk food after busking yesterday which involved having incredible tasting battered prawns made from yam and a Japanese root combined with the beyond meat patty burger as well as dirty fries with chilli con plant based substitute. Oh and an Oreo shake too without the whipped cream as they didn’t have any but never mind, for I had a rather messy fudge brownie Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in front of a rather tear jerking animated movie last night. 

I checked my weight this morning and I am still not prone to diabetes any more BUT I am definitely going to be more careful about what I eat today plus my financial situation is pretty below average until I put all my earnings from this weekend into my account on Monday. 

Anyways, so I woke up at said digits and Yogi being up already for work already intrigued me whom it may be and what they may be doing as I made my way to the bathroom for the first out of 2 rounds. 

Erm, regarding that.....that made me regret what I ate yesterday but hey ho....everything happens for a reason. 

I then went back to my room ....checked my dressed and still had time to listen to the piano version of my new song ‘Way of the Simian’ as I struggled to sing it right when busking yesterday, found a gorgeous pair of faux crocodile print jeans online AND then hand printed the transgender flag onto Bisoux’s guitar case as well as writing ‘half Thai’ in Thai on it too just as 2 calling cards. 

However, there is ONE thing I forgot to do....pack more CDs as I only have 4 left. 

It’s now 7:32 and I am on the train to Winchester...I’ve packed some transparent bin bags just in case it rains today as last time BBC weather were not accurate and of course that has given me spider monkey sense. 

It’s now 7:55 and I am full of excitement as I have just found some juicy drum patterns for some future songs via Google. Let’s hope these chest sheets work because as someone who has no sense of rhythm, these should make my life as an aspiring producer ALOT, writing that was a challenge as I am trying my best not to nod off. 

Another 3 stops to go..... 

8:27... damn! An acoustic duo have already beaten me to my fave spot. Must come earlier next week! 

8:32 - Finally got to officially meet Kev the Bog Issue vendor who instantly said ‘Oh, here comes the amazing singer’ and I ignored that and said to him “Wow! I finally get to hear you play and sing’ as he had brought his acoustic with him. “nice acoustics around here” I said before I told him I will buy a Big Issue and made my way to today’s spot just in front of the hall. 

8:48 - kick off 

8:57 - ‘Serotonin Siren’ gets a dose of love. I really wanted to say the donations box is for dog shit not love this time 

9:03 - Just got a visit from the company director of Southern Market Traders who told me to turn the volume down. Apparently, amplifiers are also forbidden in Winchester but he said that’s not his responsibility. Looks like chest voice vocals are on their way back home and my head voice vocals can stay. Anyways, I suppose that’s the effect ‘Deep Space’ has on people 

9:19 - Thai song ‘White Noise’ gets a dose of love from a gentleman who had been watching from the beginning 

9:23 - Just had to cover my face as a gentleman wanted to take a photo of me 

9:38 - surreal equations gets a sneaky dose of love 

9:53 - Burnt by the Fire gets a speedy Gonzales dose of love just at the last minute 

10:01 - Gosh! It sure is getting nippy as I turn my amp off just to get my coat on ...but a generous lady gave me a dose of love for doing so 

10:23 - Unnecessary Blues gets a dose of love from a lady who wishes she could’ve donated more 

10:35 - The Sound of my Heartbeat gets a dose of love from a little girl and her mum standing by plus the first glimpses of intrigued colours 

10:49 - Matilda the fellow busker and I have a chat after she tells me that apparently since January there is now a rule that buskers can only be in one spot for an hour and then have to move around. This instantly reminds me of what happened in Bristol as I pack up and try and find another spot. Otherwise, I will just have to head back home. 

11:10 - Pulled up to a nice looking spot in the sun opposite HSBC as I wanted to get as far away as possible from a loud acoustic duo and an equally loud jazz singer 

11:22 - “what are you going to sing?” Asked a gentleman passing by and as I told him “my own songs”....he said “FairPlay” and said he’d be returning to listen later which told me I have found the right spot! 

11:30 - pulsating gets a dose of love from a Canadian father and daughter 

11:34 - The Ghost of Love gets a dose of love from another father after the song made his daughter dance and then some more love from a fellow busker 

11:37 - Miracles gets a dose of love from another daughter who’s slightly older after we exchanged genuine smiles 

11:43 - half ThAi buddy Marshall just showed up and then Shatter into 

pieces gets a dose of love from a lady who also took interest in my website 

11:59 - 2 little ladies come out from nowhere to give ‘Desires and Aspirations’ a dose of love 

12:06 - Mother of the Earth gets a dose of love from a Bohemian dressed mother 

12:10 - Childhood Ghosts gets a dose of love plus the Hogwarts people are standing nearby taking interest in me whilst listening to their leader telling them the next clue 

12:25 - Strings of my Heart gets a dose of love from a gentleman 

12:29 - Dead End gets a dose of love from a couple who are slightly older than me 

12:35 - Fragile gets a dose of love from a young gentleman 

12:51 - Wuhan Cocktails gets a dose of love from a young lady and an alcoholic gentleman who loves my haunting vocals 

13:05 - Liability made a little boy cry when he was standing with his persuasive dad. I am not surprised due to the words “You’re going to wish you were never born with a schlong” 

13:20 - A Russian gentleman gave ‘Layer Cake’ a dose of love before I complimented his country on some awesome movies I have seen from there recently. He didn’t know them but never mind 

13:35 - WOW! I can hear someone whistling the chorus melody to Travelling Feet after I finished it! 

13:58 - Aftertaste got a dose of love from a young gentleman 

14:02 - A little dose gave ‘Martyr’ a dose of love thanks to her daddy 

14:14 - Seriously need to write more songs or I might consider adding covers in between. Let’s keep going. No one is talking to me as I hardly know anyone here apart from Marshall and another lady who’s name I have forgotten. She bought me a bottle of water though bless her. 

14:38 - Yay! Met another Thai lady after her son gave me a dose of love for Gloria Gaynor’s I will Survive and The Fugees Ready or Not medley 

14:51 - Double dose of love for my Bill Withers Ain’t no Sunshine medley 

14:57 - Another dose of love for my Tears for Feats medley of Mad World featuring Linkin Park and Nirvana 

15:05 - Time to pack up after Hope There’s Someone by Anohni and then I got a dose of love for it from someone who’s heard me 2 weeks ago 

I believe that I am witnessing The change of behaviour of people towards each other due to the fact but winter is slowly approaching. From busking in Winchester before, today was the first time I have had people looking at me weird or miserably and from my past experiences I’m pretty sure that is to do with climate change or change of atmosphere. 

I don’t usually get the time to review my busking day but after today it’s something and I would like to encourage myself to do more. 

The reason why I am having this theory because I have heard that in Sweden many people commit suicide because of how dark it gets during the winter and when there is mercury retrograde, people also start reacting differently. 

So, when that happens .....that potentially effects my earnings as a busker which gave me the impression that maybe I shouldn’t be going to Winchester so much during this time until next summer but we’ll see how I feel next Saturday. 

EARNINGS: £32.98

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