I’m lying in bed. The main bedroom light is on. I’ve just received some messages from my mum who is over in Singapore with my step dad and she’s shown me a photo of her at the Botanical Gardens. 

She then sent another 2 photos of her, my father and myself who was only a few months old at the same gardens 40 years ago! 

Just goes to show that I have been a traveller and culture vulture my whole life ....and it ain’t even 7am yet! 

I watched the very beautifully done Disney live action remake of Ancient Chinese heroine Mulan last night after getting back from another entertaining evening with Lorna and Ian and called it a day about 1am due to the fact that today is my day off. 

We’ve started our own a Capella choir and currently building up our repertoire now and it’s simply just something we can do for fun! 

In other news, I’ve been wanting to create more of a live feel to my songs after what I and an associate had come up with during my stay in Bristol. 

Somehow, I will start recording a song live connecting my loop pedal to Ableton and then making loops of different instruments etc and then singing on top. 

I already have a drum pad controller. 

It’s now 7:33 so I can use some free time to count up my earnings from 2 days last week and set up my gear for recording but I shall endeavor to catch up on another 30 minutes of sleep first! 

It’s now 10:05 and I am standing in a queue outside my bank’s Christchurch branch. Ian’s gone off to get himself a face mask as he left his at home but that’s usual human nature to forget things on a Monday morning especially after a night of tipsy a Capella fun. 

It took us a while to find a parking spot but we got here in the end. Let’s hope it won’t take half an hour to be able to put my earnings into my account. 

It’s now 11:56 and I’ve just finished a vegan tart and salad and ready salted crisps at a department store called Dunelm whilst very talkative Ian is still eating his jacket potato with cheese and baked beans. 

We’re just here as a pit stop before heading to musical department store Absolute Music to do some window shopping and buy some bits and bobs like a daisy chain before we head back to mine and hopefully he’s going to give me a brief keyboard lesson in doing arpeggios. 

It’s now 7:41 in the evening....I’m multitasking again. This time I am sat in front of my computer screen looking at the control panel section of my website and seeing that there were 8 visitors to the site yesterday puts a smile on my face whilst I wait patiently for some superglue to dry as I persist to repair a broken plastic shelf that got broken by an accident prone close buddy of mine who reminds me a lot of Mr Magoo quite often despite however many times I tell him to look down and up and be aware of his surroundings. 

However, that same guy helped me out with a promise he made to me earlier this year today. 

As I had spent some of my savings on getting a car for us both, let’s positively say that he had a chance meeting with Lady Luck today which meant that we both did some much needed outstanding shopping such as musical equipment, food and of course the online variety seeing as I have been losing weight which in turn is boosting my confidence and self worth and would look fandabby dozy for whenever Deej and I get the opportunity to perform or rehearse anywhere where we can dress up and get photos and videos done seeing as he now has his performance attire sorted as I do I ....almost. 

The rest of the day leading up to now consisted of reorganising my room slightly when I realised that because I don’t have a genuine copy of Windows 10, my pc seems to be having a life of its own which means I was not able to record anything today so I may as well have packed everything up again. 

It sure was an anxious sight seeing my room full of random things again especially all the plastic bags that seemed to have been gathering in a dark dark place every dark dark night in a dark dark wardrobe that’s not under the stairs. 

And on that note, does anybody British or who has lived in England for 20 years or more remember Tony Hart and Morph? 

Well, their legacy came to me this morning and it took me a while to remember their names but my good friend and ex manager Helen reminded me. 

So what’s the point I am trying to make here about them? 

There is no point. They’re just nice positive memories and such is what we need to encourage ourselves to make more of. 

What’s that smell? 

That must be me a brewin’ baby yeah!

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  • Helen of Troy
    Helen of Troy Lymington
    Caring & sharing. It's good to have days off to re-boot Hope Ian had a go on keyboards Chaplins is back open.. Doors opened on 1st Sept

    Caring & sharing.
    It's good to have days off to re-boot
    Hope Ian had a go on keyboards
    Chaplins is back open.. Doors opened on 1st Sept

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