YouTube videos of The Book of Enoch, atheism, Buddhism, Taoism and a UFO and extraterrestrial cult in Thailand are all that kept my mind from not drifting this morning and getting myself ready for a brand spanking fandabby dozy day in Boscombe. 

It’s 7:58...I’ve had coconut yoghurt and raspberries for breakfast and I intend to get another sign done and laminated before heading out. 

This time it’s so that more people know I have a card reader and to give them instructions on how to make a donation. 

It’s now 9:03 and I’ve just arrived at my road’s bus stop after a lovely spiritual chat and discussion about anger with my step dad. 

We all have different experiences of life especially when other people are involved. 

We cannot change the way they do and say things. We can only change the way that we react towards them. 

Seeing as it is energy, anger CAN be used in a positive way.... 

9:30 - kick off after a brief catch up chat with Baz, my ex colleague from a charity shop I used to volunteer at 

9:36 - new song ‘Way of the Simian’ gets a double dose of love from Craig Gray who is a fellow fan of stoner rock and is in a local stoner rock band reminiscent of a band we both love so much called Kyuss! 

9:52 - Yesterday’s busker whom I heard on my way to do food shopping came to listen for a while and gave ‘Today’s Rebel’ a dose of love. Hopefully Casey will join Marta and Ethereal’s busking rota 

9:58 - A Mouthful of Skittles got a dose of love and whilst playing it, I wonder what will happen with the one I got recorded in Bristol 

10:02 - “sounds like music to slash your wrists to” said a gentleman discreetly to his lady friend as they walked by to the ambient version of Wrath’s Children. Then, a Polish associate comes along, we have a chat for a moment and he buys a copy of one of my CDs 

10:13 - Cloudless Skies gets a dose of love from another regular 

10:19 - Feeling rather overdressed today in my long sleeved yellow blouse, thick leggings and flared jeans as the sun heats up the vicinity. 

10:35 - Endless Journey got a thumbs up from a pubescent lad walking past with his old sprout 

10:57 - an exchange of smiles and The Cosmic Café gets a dose of love from a rather dashing gentleman and his equally dashing partner 

11:07 - Out into the Void gets a double dose of love of whom is from a well dressed Latvian lady 

11:37 - Falling Behind gets a dose of love from a young mother and her baby girl who witnessed the beauty of the sun and music in matrimony 

11:42 - Restless Mind gets a dose of love from a ThAi gentleman!! Woo hoo! 

11:50 - Pulsating and The Ghost of Love got a dose of love each and forgot to mention a lady who was passing by with a Zimmer frame on wheels who was staring at my details for so long she didn’t realise that her shopping bag was falling off onto the street and when she went to pick it up, her aid started having a life of its own rolling away from her. I tried my best not to giggle obviously 

11:54 - Just noticed Bisoux is VERY hot from the sun! Sheesh kebab! 

12:31 - “Sounds beautiful” a gentleman’s muffled voice said as he gave Childhood Ghosts a dose of love. Feeling anxious about my gear getting too hot today but when I heard a lady giggling to her friend that I am using a card reader, that kept me in good spirits 

12:37 - Now or Never gets a dose of love and fellow musician Patrick stands by listening as he was so attracted to my lead guitar playing 

12:53 - Strings of My Heart gets a double dose of love from 2 ladies my age 

12:59 - Leo arrived then ‘Dead End’ gets a dose of love before another friend Dave turns up briefly 

13:09 - Fragile gets a dose of love from one of the most unexpected types of guys ever. Remember to never judge a book by its cover peeps 

13:38 - Red Light instinct gets a dose of love instead of a dose of spunk seeing as it’s a song about female masturbation 

13:48 - A gentleman who had been sitting nearby for like an hour decided to come up and buy a copy of my album. Bless him! 

14:08 - The guy who bought my cd returned and asked me to autograph then a Thai lady friend came to chat with me 

14:30 - A gentleman called Nelson approached me and I could feel his energies that he was determined for me to be the one who will be teaching his 15 year old daughter how to sing and play guitar. He wasn’t taking my ‘no’ for an answer. 

15:00 - Perfect timing! Looking forward to packing up and heading home! 

EARNINGS: £51.09

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  • Helen of Troy
    Helen of Troy Lymington
    Woweeeeee Make hay whilst sun shines!!! Only way is up ❤️🌹🎶

    Make hay whilst sun shines!!!
    Only way is up

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