Writing a song about yourself seems like such a walk in the park for me these days but writing a song about someone I never knew and how their death has changed the world ....seems like a completely different ball game. 

I want to get my facts straight ....I want this song to make an impact to those who listen to it or whoever reads the words. 

Perhaps my creative juices are running low because as I was writing ‘Thankyou George Floyd’ last night in the form of another baroque folk pop song, I was determined to finish it but then looking back at it, it looked like I hadn’t put my heart into it at all... 

So at 6:30 this morning ....I took another look at it and redid the chorus and then when I am feeling even more creative ...redo the second verse. 

Plus, I never knew he was a hip hop artist. Bless his soul. 

It’s now 7:58 and the song is done!!! Thankfully my creative juices are nearly filled to the rim and The words got approved by my step dad which means a lot to me! Now it’s time to get the chords written down before heading out to Christchurch 

Sheesh! I had 2 minutes to go and just made it onto the train! I didn’t get to make the time to add the chords to the song before I forget so I better do that like a sap from a tree. 

However, for once....the train is packed full of teens this morning. I suppose they’re off to college again and hearing one of the ladies in front of me mention college....that explains it. 

Oops! I am already at my destination! I am still waking up and thus the procrastinative state, I feel like all self awareness has gone out the window. Anyways, I am here in Christchurch now wearing my new faux fur jacket and I am already starting to sweat like a pigeon. It’s a good thing I didn’t bring my heavy winter coat like I did yesterday. 

I better concentrate where I am going otherwise I will get run over by slightly burnt rubber and I tell ya...that is NOT my kinda fetish! 

It’s now 8:37 and the streets of Christchurch are very quiet alas the roadworks going on which means the main road is closed off. I suppose this either reminds me of London on the day Bojo decided to lock down England or perhaps I just feel like I have more time to sleep walk without getting any exterior disturbances 

It’s now 8:56 and I have just realised that it takes me about 20-30 minutes to set up especially as I like taking my time. The reason why I made a note of this is because of my time limit today before rehearsal with Deej at 4pm. 

Getting all anxious about today’s time management is also the reason why I struggled with sleep today 

Due to last week’s complaints, I also have to bear in mind that any sound here travels quickly and a lot louder so let’s be careful with today’s volume! 

9:13 - “oh it’s you! How are you?!” said Mandy from The Polly Morris Band whom I totally and embarrassingly forgot as she walked by and wondered where the beautiful music was coming from. Aww bless her! 

9:22 - Deep Space wins today’s ‘First song to get a dose of love Award’. Thanks lovely lady with the 2 whippets! 

9:28 - A lovely young gentleman just gave ‘Today’s Rebel’ a dose of love. Perhaps he can relate to the words 

9:47 - Nice one Cloudless Skies! You got one of me CDs sold you ol’ mucker! 

9:52 - Touch Me All Over gets a dose of love plus I am combining my own sense of humour today with my random self loathing. “I hope I’m not disturbing you” I said to a couple from Bournemouth and London. The gentleman said he’d be willing to buy me tea and cake to which I sarcastically replied “I’m not begging” 

10:13 - Endless Journey just got a temporary dose of love from a senior gentleman. 

10:26 - A senior lady generously donated a dose of love to Pineal Soup 

10:35 - A bohemian lady must’ve heard understood the words to The Cosmic Café to give it a dose of love! 

10:46 - Another lady who’s been floating about the square gave Wendy a dose of love 

10: 50 - “ Are you the lady that performed at Boscombe pier air show?” A lady called Francesca asked when she recognised me. She waited for her friend then purchased a copy of my album! 

11:31 - A sly senior lady donated a dose of love for Kitchen Sink. Who would’ve known she had change in her jacket pocket? 

11:36 - A lovely gentleman donated a dose of love for ‘Shatter into Pieces’ 

11:40: in all my years of busking, a taxi driver has never had the chance to donate some love ...until now! Nice one Infinite Sadness! Am doing really well today so will just carry on for another 20 minutes. 

11:59: What a perfect climax to the end of Mother of the Earth and today’s very successful session in Christchurch! Sweet dreams are made of these! Seems like all my stars are aligned today but then’s a Wednesday which means it’s the lucky third day of the week ....who knows? Who cares? 

It’s now 12:41 and I am already on the train back home after putting today’s earnings into my account. Looking forward to having lunch then it’s off to rehearsal for 4pm! 

EARNINGS: £41.03

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  • Lee
    Lee Kent
    Lovely to hear a good day for you

    Lovely to hear a good day for you

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