“Nobody cares any why should I?” I asked myself as I arrived at another packed station full of college students. 

The stares...the looks...even when they’re giggling to each my brother once pointed out “The world isn’t always about you” and he’s absolutely right! 

We’re all so busy getting on with our own lives and this is something I have been doing a lot recently since I became a full time busker. 

Today is another one of those days when I have not been given the time to think ....and that’s a good thing. 

Too many people carry that weight on their shoulders and I am very certain that THAT is out of choice as well as speaking from experience ....some kind of anxiety that’s formed from past experiences. 

Even before I came out as a trans girl, I faced challenges from people especially during my school days with how I dress. 

I suppose I travel back to those times every time I hear the sound of laughter or see people looking at me for even 2 seconds. 

It’s taken years for me to realise that this is how our own creations of society has conditioned us but hey....I have no qualms with different opinions. 

I suppose I used to and I am still trying to break out of that VERY bad habit! 

Anyways, looking forward to another morning and afternoon in New Milton before dinner and chat with Ian and Lorna 

It’s 8:57 and I am setting up my gear. One of my fave locals has already donated a dose of love! Bless him! 

It’s 9 now and I have just realised I forgot my cable that connects the amp to the AC/DC power bank and allows me to be able to busk. 

I suppose I should pack up and go buy batteries instead which is what I did and thank fudge I always get to my spot around 9 just in case I have made an error. 

9:32 - Feeling stressed out as I thought I had lost my newly purchased stick on camera lenses so could really do with some music therapy! I despise being incompetent but that’s human nature at times. Time to kick off! AND I am NOT referring to my temper! 

9:39 - ‘Thankyou George Floyd’ got a dose of love from a senior gentleman and a young man walked by with his fingers in his ears. Oh well....I politely quote the statement of an ex flat mate ‘Up the fudging Ying Yang’. 

9:47 - Thanks to stopping by to read my promo, a lady donated a dose of love whilst I performed ‘Serotonin Siren’ 

9:55 - It seems I am definitely coming out of my shell abit more recently and willing to exchange banter with strangers for instance a boy with his hands over his ears as he walked past with his dad. “there ya go. I’ve stopped now” to which his dad said “No! You carry on!” ....that was during Today’s Rebel 

10:08 - OMFG! So the kid who put his hands on his ears is the son to one of the band members of Riteoff a band that my last co- project The Subwave Network UK has performed on the same stage with! 

10:15 - Cloudless Skies got a dose of love but the love rebounded and landed on a cd! Nice shot sir! 

10:20 - “You’re doing a great job darling” as a gentleman walked passed by again. All thanks to Touch Me all Over 

10:52 - After what seemed like half an hour, ‘Pineal Soup’ got a double dosage of love from not so much above 

11:03 - Wow! Even my beautiful tuning skills got a dose of love too. Maybe it was the song before that. Maybe it was something else. 

11:14 - ‘Wendy’ got herself a dose of love from not so much above but hey the lady looked like a white dove I suppose that’s all I can think of 

11:26 - FINALLY! the version of combining ambient and hip hop style with ‘Little Child’ gets a double of love from not so far above. 2 Asian ladies stopped by and the younger lady asked if I teach guitar so who knows? I may be teaching her little one soon. 

However, after telling her I perform my own songs....she asked me if I know Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Summer of 69’. I reiterated to her that I don’t DO covers but seeing as she asked me about guitar lessons, I decided to change my tone to a more professional one and tell her that I would sure prepare whatever song a student wants to know how to play before the lesson. 

11:56 - A lot seems to have happened in the past 30 minutes! ‘Pulsating’ got a dose of love and then a ukelele busker and a gentleman donated a dose of love for Thai song ‘Miracles’. I had a brief chat with the fellow busker too. “Is business good?” She asked and unfortunately I can’t remember my answer ...or can I? 

12:10 - ThAi song ‘black mist’ got a dose of love from a senior gentleman today. On that note, time to get on with another Thai song 

12: 16 - Oops! I think the juice from them 2 packs of raspberries is finally starting to have an effect on my withheld bodily fluids. Let’s hope Noah doesn’t need to be called 

12:30 - there’s always ONE anti supporter of busking. She didn’t say anything to me during the amount of times she passed by but her body language did. Anyways, at least she’s preserving that equilibrium especially this time of year. 

12:45 - “Beautiful voice” said a young lady who’s about my age as she gave ‘Strings of My Heart’ a dose of love followed by an older gentleman 

12:53 marks the time I made ‘Fragile’ the last song of the day. It’s been a quiet one earnings wise but at least that’s given me time to write more for you and reflect on things. 

Let’s see what happens with the Asian lady regarding guitar lessons although she had a certain hesitant vibe about her compared to Nelson who gave me the impression on Tuesday in Boscombe that I am the chosen one to teach his step daughter. 

Oh! And yeah Noah IS calling me because he’s so fed up of building arks with no business at the moment. All the animals are getting ready for hibernation. 

And as another observation, I am surprised the Duracell batteries had lasted as long as they did but hey, am glad I bought 12 of them instead of 6 just in case. 

EARNINGS: £18 exactly

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