For the last 3-4 weeks, I had been busking in Winchester. I was earning about £40-50 there but last week when I was there was a real turn off! 

And I am glad that it was because everything happens for a reason! 

I was busking in Boscombe the Tuesday just gone as I do every Tuesday and yet again, the universe understood my frustration from busking in Winchester with the ‘new’ 1 hour rule and being told that I am not really supposed to be busking with an amp there, a gentleman called Nelson approached me and chose me to be the one to teach his step daughter Jessica how to play guitar. 

Just to recap, the conversation went something like this. “I would like you to teach my step daughter please” ....and then I replied that I am not as tolerant as I used to be before Nelson asked “Why not?!”. 

I was blown away by that question and didn’t know how to answer so eventually I told him that I am willing to give this a go. 

Later on that day, he called me to state how genuinely serious he was about me being ‘the chosen one’ and then instead of saying “I’m sorry I can’t do Saturday’s because I am in Winchester that day” I instead said “Ok! I am fine with Saturday. What time and what’s your address?” 

That reply was to mark the foundations of us both making a deal to keep lessons and agreements on a relaxed, easy flowing basis. 

It’s 15:27 and I am lying down comfortably on the living room cum kitchen sofa of Ruby Manor where I am proud to repeat that this is where I have chosen to settle down with 3 lovely flat mates Greta, Beefcake and Yogi as well as my landlord brother Pontus, his cute 4 year old sally Ruby and sometimes my future sister in law to be Holly but as usual during the weekend, hardly anyone is at home apart from Yogi and then later myself after busking. 

So, anyways like I said ....I’m lying down comfortably on this sofa with my recovering back against the sofa arm. It’s dead quiet apart from the sound coming from my brother’s freezer but yet, still a perfect time to reflect on today’s happenings and think about things for that is not how the day began. 

I had intended to celebrate last night seeing as it’s a Friday by watching as many movies as I could but I didn’t even have the concentration to watch even one comedy let alone rewriting my latest song ‘Unwelcome Desires’ on the keyboard. 

I was absolutely flat out knackered from singing non stop in Salisbury from 9-3pm and then nodding off and waking up again in no particular order on the bus there and back. 

You know when you’re so tired but you want to do things and when you do, it just makes you feel ratty until you get into your bed? 

Yeah, the very last moments of last night played out just like that. 

Today began rather early as usual. Mystic Scales and I have never really fallen out before even though there have been times when I have felt confused by her readings but to get a reading of just over 93 Kay geez this morning to inspire me to get dressed and ready for the day was a big blessing. 

However, seeing as I had the time made me wonder again about this ketogenic diet of high fat, low carbs that I am and if I can live on this diet for the rest of my life. 

One thing is for certain and that is that I have started eating rice and noodles again BUT I am still losing weight. 

I may not understand how the body works but as long as I am losing weight AND I can eat what I want within reason and before Cinderella Hour begins at 7pm, then that’s all fandabby dozy with me. 

Anyways, enough health talk for now. 

In the past and when meeting new people, I would’ve gotten very nervous and anxious but for some reason today with Nelson, Jessica and her mum Maria was not the case but I shall express about that more later. 

I was determined to work on ‘Unwelcome Desires’ and complete it before the lesson and thus, I had about half an hour left to put on a professional looking number consisting of yellow suede boots with sparkles, yellow blouse with polka dots and black faux leather leggings and guess what? 

Nelson’s car is ......yellow which reminds me to remind you that there is no such thing as a coincidence as we are all connected in some shape or form. 

Of course, I also had time to extinguish my face and I wasn’t sure whether Nelson and his family would want me to wear a face mask at the time so I decided to opt for no foundation, blush or lippy. 

Fortunately, there was no reason for any of us to wear face masks and I quote Nelson’s simple words “When you die, you die”. 

I couldn’t have expressed it better myself and whether or not it’s regarded as us NOT being self aware or safe, it sure would’ve made me feel very uncomfortable if I did have to wear it during that time and I know this from when I am busking. 

I simply cannot tell what people’s facial expressions are when they’re wearing a face covering so I confess they make me feel anxious and paranoid. 

So there I was ....sitting on the passenger side in a stranger’s ride ....not a single person hollering at me....BUT, that’s the thing about certain people especially Nelson. He’s another one of those very rare people in my life who doesn’t feel to me like a stranger. 

We clicked instantly....sharing jokes....making each other laugh and I don’t know why but as I wrote that just now my eyes went all glassy like. 

Perhaps it’s the female hormone pills I have been self medicating on for the last month or perhaps it’s just me being a melodramatic Cancerian again. 

We arrived at their Parkstone residence 10 minutes before schedule. I was instantly greeted with a lovely smell which could either have bern from Portuguese food or some other kind of food seeing as I have heightened senses. 

The fragrance was definitely welcoming and warming for my soul. 

Back in the car, Nelson had already expressed he’s Christian so it was no surprise to see a cross hanging up here and there where he lives and the room is tied together with the combination of plants and paintings and definitely a Latin vibe reminiscent of when I met The Correas Family ....close friends of my parents in Belize when I was 16. 

Even back then, I was drawn to the paintings people had put up on their walls of Jesus. 

It was his child like innocent eyes that drew me in and now I realize that that was to express purity which even today, I still strive to get back to. 

Nelson’s family doesn’t have a painting of Jesus though but that’s not a big deal and neither is that relevant although Nelson is what I would refer to as a proper Christian as he certainly has no qualms with me being Buddhist etc unlike those Evangelical types whom I have encountered during my busking days who won’t listen to you unless you allow them to convert you into being just as Android-like as them. 

Erm, I think i am going off on a tangent here. What I meant to say is that I am so blessed to have met Nelson and his family. 

So, there I am....I’ve just walked through their corridor which leads up a stair case and then as you turn left...that leads into their lovely sitting room and dining room. 

Despite her anxiousness, I could not feel Jessica’s energy unlike doing so with my close friend Ben yesterday as they couldn’t keep their body still in front of me. 

She greeted me with a smile and we shook hands. Yet again, during these hard times of the pandemic ....shaking hands, doing high fives and hugs are things I have been cherishing a lot more recently. 

Her mother Maria was in the kitchen during this time and whilst Jessica, myself and Nelson were saying ‘hi’, she appeared and I was told by Jessica that she only knows a few words in English. 

I am very honoured that Maria stayed with us the whole time and it was nice to see her smiling and showing support for her daughter too. 

The first half an hour was enough for the ‘ice breaker’. Their living room is actually quite small yet I didn’t feel claustrophobic due to Jessica and I both feeling anxious at first in each other’s company. 

I was determined to encourage her to get out of her ‘shell’ and after telling her about what I do as a busker and then making a note on a piece of paper about her aspirations as a dancer, singer, guitarist and songwriter ....we then felt a lot more at ease. 

Oh! And I performed a short but sweet version of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ for them all as like with Yours Truly, Jessica expressed that she too finds the sound of music relaxing and thus makes her feel less anxious. 

After that half an hour, I decided to ask Nelson how he felt about the session so far. 

There was a bit of a misunderstanding to behind with as you can expect from any first time experience and so after that, I swiftly moved on to teaching Jessica how to play the first chord G for ‘Firework’ after tuning her rather lovely looking and sounding black classical guitar that Nelson had purchased from Lidl. 

I must admit ...I was very impressed! 

Plus, it also came with a cute little tuner which was mistaken as a capo originally. 

I’ve been involved in the music world for so long that I had forgotten that non musicians or musicians to be do not currently have any knowledge of musical vocabulary so the words ‘tuner’ and ‘capo’ were introduced in a friendly but thorough manner. 

Despite us both being lefties and that Jessica has agreed with me to play a right handed guitar, she sure is a fast learner which definitely makes my job a lot easier. 

Perhaps now is the right time for me to mention that I used to teach English as a foreign language in Thailand from 2008-2011 and then when I moved to Bournemouth a year later, I privately taught guitar, Thai AND Swedish. 

I must say ....Swedish was definitely the easiest one to teach out of all those! 

Before it was brought to my attention and lack of today’s self awareness that Nelson had other things to do, I invited them all to listen to myself performing my own song ‘Endless Journey’ after Jessica said she would like to hear one of my happy songs....before she did a beautiful rendition of Britney Spears’s ‘Toxic’. 

Fortunately, they all loved my own song and were surprised it’s my own and with me being modest as always, I told them that it’s taken me 10 years or so to get that good at songwriting and playing guitar. 

As they say ‘honesty is the best policy’. 

Anyways, another highlight from the session was when Jessica showed me the words to the backing track she was singing to, my inner voice told me to work out the chords which then proceeded with us building our chemistry further and doing a video of us performing ‘Toxic’ with the idea of her showing her friends on social media. 

And that is how my day went although when I was back home, I made an attempt at filling in a Disclose and Barring Service aka DBS application form just to show Nelson that I have a clean criminal record but yet again, I can’t afford to get one at this present moment. 

I am determined to listen to my inner voice yet again and to be able to afford one. 

It’s now 17:39, close American buddy Leo has arrived which means I can chill out, stop thinking and call it a good day’s work! 

EARNINGS: £32.51

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