DAY 1 

“Have you ever 

Ever felt like this? 

How strange things happen 

Are you going round the twist?…” 

These are lyrics to the theme of an incredibly funny and entertaining Australian children’s tv series that my brother and I used to watch when we got back home from school and which I suppose is a lighthearted way to express how today began. 

I know there are so many other places I could go and busk at instead of Southampton and despite the rising amount of anxiousness I have gained from being verbally threatened there last week, I am STILL determined to go BUT ...thanks to Mrs Dent of Ro Mansion telling me that that space in the Bargate underpass is her territory AND it’s best for me to be out in the open just in case something similar happens to me again, then I should be fandabbydozy. 

“I’ll get the 7:10 or the 7:26 train” I said to myself this morning waking up at 5:30.....until I looked at the timetable and I was then told there’s a rail replacement service at 6:15 and then there’s no train going there until 8:10. 

For some reason, that decreased my anxiety and told me that everything is going to be fine and I don’t have to worry. 

With about 2 hours to bless, I decided to digest last night’s dinner of Thai style spaghetti zucchinetti and make an attempt at painting my artist logo onto my casual shoes replacing the fading flowers that I had drawn onto them with tippex and what I thought were genuine fabric pens. 

“Omg, this feels SO good” I said to myself as I made my way to the station at 7:56 with just my Yamaha acoustic guitar and camping chair. 

I had been carrying all the electrical gear in a heavy duty bag that was only bringing me more back pain. 

“doctor doctor arm hurts every time I lift it! ....and then the doctor replies ...don’t lift it up then” ...such a classic and philosophically funny line from the great legend that is the late Tommy Cooper. 

Looks like I am going back into that underpass otherwise I won’t last long singing at the top of my voice singing out in the open space. 

It’s now 8:07. I forgot my face mask at home and of course, as I don’t intend to get fined AND I am determined to take the risk...I am now wearing a second hand but ‘clean’ face mask that I found on top of a trash pile in a bin as I made my way to the platform. 

I know I am taking a big risk for my health but I would rather do that than take a risk with something nonsense like a fine! 

As they say in this country “Swings and roundabouts”. 

It’s just been announced that railway engineering works are being done this weekend which justifies why the train is currently delayed by 9 minutes. 

Is this another sign from the cosmos? 

I will wait until 8:21 (now 8:22) and if it doesn’t arrive by then ....I will have to busk somewhere else such as Boscombe. 

It’s now 8:15 and they’ve just announced that due to trespassers on the railway, the train is further delayed. 

However, my inner voice is telling me “wait! What?! That doesn’t make sense! Something fishy going on. It’s as if they don’t want to repeat themselves to their customers so they come up with something else. I suppose engineers could be deemed as trespassers too? well...erm....yeah! 

It’s now 8:28 and after hearing another announcement that the train is delayed by 20 minutes, I gave Ian a call who told me he can be round by 12. 

So, with the train delays, the £60 + that I can put away into my account tomorrow, Ian saying he can be round by 12, my anxiousness of busking in Southampton again ....pretty much just told me that having a day off IS the best choice for today. 

Another bonus is ...I only had to spend less than £5 on the return ticket so ‘nothing lost...nothing gained’ when it’s all about life hacks. 

The rest of the day consisted of a nice walk down a sunlit field with Ian and Lorna before chillin’ at Milford Green and being treated to an evening at local Asian restaurant Monsoori Nights. 

Rosé was involved so we stayed over night. 

DAY 2 

It’s 18.53. I’m sat in front of a now fully functioning MacBook Air laptop donated to me by my step’s now got Ableton Live Lite and FL studio recording software on it thanks to André of the Phone Rescue shop in Boscombe. 

My newly donated hitchhiking bag with padded shoulder straps and 2 front pockets has been packed with my busking gear ready for New Milton tomorrow as well as the CDs, promo sheets and capo packed neatly away in my guitar case. 

However, I have left my bed the way it is after waking up from a power nap at 6pm. 

The fairy lights behind my laptop that I have rearranged to light up the wall behind it, my updated wardrobe and my recently rearranged side shelves is the only light I need in my bedroom. 

Why? you may ask! 

Well, this is why. 

As already stated yesterday ....I never made it to Southampton and all the universe wanted to do was to make sure I am safe, sound and not worrying about anything and simply JUST to have a good day which is exactly what happened! 

Sleeping on the floor on top of 2 body size sofa cushions after sharing a bottle of rosé with Ian and Lorna THEN combining that with Asian food especially lentil curry which is high in fibre THEN another glass of rosé played a BIG part in Ian and I feeling rather haggered this morning. 

I am not sure about Lorna BUT one thing we all shared was the blessing the rising sun gave us as we entered the kitchen to all have our morning beverages. 

As we left Lorna to get on with things and give her more of a chance to wake up...we made our way to Ian’s to feed his 2 lovely ginger cats Poppet and Marmalade, then over to mine to gather some bits and bobs and change my outfit for the day....followed by a rather tasty fry up breakfast for us both at Mum’s Cafe near Christchurch. 

Ian’s unexpected settlement at his bank felt like it took up most of the day and of course the combination of alcohol, curry, rice and the very hot sun wasn’t really something we were both prepared for but the exercise sure seemed worth it PLUS the cute little dog we encountered whilst I was getting the laptop sorted. 

Well, this lady is now no longer a Windows user as that defunct second hand PC and miniature monitor screen will soon be making their way to circuit heaven. 

Seems like I’m going through another ‘shedding skin’ phase and even my songs, songwriting and guitar playing is going through that process also which can only mean... 



  • Helen of Troy
    Helen of Troy Lymington
    Divine intervention It is amazing wot works in yor favour... A time to pause. Southampton will be there... Just the same Fresh air of the coastal type makes a good tonic. All is well

    Divine intervention
    It is amazing wot works in yor favour... A time to pause.
    Southampton will be there... Just the same
    Fresh air of the coastal type makes a good tonic.
    All is well

  • Megan Hill
    Megan Hill Alaska
    This is a subsequent legend dependent on an idea that [url=][/url] won't go through cash on the off chance that they can look for nothing.

    This is a subsequent legend dependent on an idea that won't go through cash on the off chance that they can look for nothing.

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