As I literally attempt to leave the weight of the weekend behind, I am looking forward to a brand new day....a day when I don’t need to busk for 2 hours maximum before putting my earnings into my account....or planning to meet up with friends meaning even less time to busk.....just simply a day of getting to know me, myself and I and practicing my music out on the streets again. 

BUT .....I then reminded myself that even when I have tried busking in New Milton (which is where I have chosen to be today) for more than 2 hours, it doesn’t effect my earnings at all so it’s likely that 2 hours will be enough today. 

Anyways, let’s see what happens as there really is no point thinking about what hasn’t happened yet. 

In other news, I checked out a female duo on YouTube earlier this morning as well as their Facebook page via Safari internet explorer. 

As amazingly talented as they are, I compared their music career to my own or at least whatever I make of it. 

Perhaps it’s all about the hype and I confess I have no idea how to sell myself and why would I want to?! 

The internet is WAY too big for a speck of dust like me so I am happy to be out there busking not too far from home and at least making enough money to ‘put bread on the table’. 

Whatever or whoever I am supposed to be yet again living in the future ....which I must reiterate “has not happened yet” 

Before I swiftly go on to the same old self absorbed matters at hand, I would just like to mention that every time I find myself somewhere crowded like a train station platform full of students who are off to the same college my brother used to study at ....I vividly go off on an intergalactic adventure of frequencies due to the fact that they all sound like chickens in a field or a flock of seagulls wading in shallow water. 

Perhaps I just have nature on my mind and that’s a good thing meaning I can do whatever form of meditation it is wherever I go. 

It’s 9:03 and whilst I am setting up, the streets of New Milton on a Tuesday are technically dead so looks like it’ll definitely have to be 2 hours time limit today otherwise I will lose my mind! 

9:08 - Aww thanks Joe for the dose of love! Joe is the name of the lovely local gentleman who passed by in his mobility scooter every morning on the way to do some shopping and getting some fresh air. He tries his best to communicate with me and it’s all thanks to my 4 years of teaching skills that I can make an attempt to do the same with him 

9:18 - Kickin’ off with new song ‘Unwelcome Desires’ today!!! Super excited just to be able to play it in public 

9:35 - Thanks to a fandabby dozy couple of ladies for a double dose of love for Way of the Simian! 

9:41 - The hit of last week could be this week’s hit song too! Thanks sister for giving ‘Serotonin Siren’ a dose of love 

9:54 - Seeing as another lady gave another song a dose of love today ....let’s hope they will be the majority of donaters today! Still trying to figure out why it’s usually men who donate but hey ho. 

9:58 - “Keep the world singing” said a senior gentleman whilst giving me a dose of love after I briefly met a senior lady from Chicago! It was a blessing to tell her how much I love her basketball team which is rare coming from someone who isn’t usually keen on sports 

10:05 - There was a long queue forming outside HSBC and it was making me feel rather anxious as you can never tell people’s facial expressions under their face mask. Am glad they’ve moved but I sure am expecting more to happen later on! 

10:18 - Not sure whether the rather fashionable fellow donated some love due to me being as equally fashionable but hey, “You’re not the Fuel to my Fire’ always gets some love despite it being a diss song. 

10:25 - Ok! I think the women have all vanished as the men have all started donating again. Thanks to a senior gentleman for giving ‘Go Vegan’ a dose of love. Think I will stay for another hour seeing as it sure is quiet today. 

10:42 : Before donating a dose of love for ‘Burnt by the Fire’ a young lady videoed me on her phone which was very thoughtful of her. I remained humble by just saying thanks 

10:50 - A slightly older lady than myself gave a rather extended experimental version of ‘Fountains of Youth’ a dose of love. For some reason, I am thinking about this a lot today...”What is my purpose in life?” ....even though I already know the answer 

11:06 - I am still getting a dose of love for my songs but for some strange reason, I feel as though that doesn’t really mean a thing today. Perhaps I just need more sleep to remands my neurons and all that cosmic stuff. 

11:16 - I seem to be getting more regular doses of love now but yet I am still searching for some thing that’s going to perk up my mood today. Perhaps I will feel better as soon as I start recording some songs back home 

11:28 - Callin’ it a day! The smile of a little girl looking back at me whilst holding her mum’s hand as they both walked past me has somewhat perked me up a bit. Music therapy doesn’t always help sadly. I spent just under £8 to get some ingredients for my Thai papaya salad and also for Baba Ganoush so I am pretty certain that I at least made that money back. 

11:34 - “it wasn’t worth hearing any way” I replied as a gentleman and lady approached me asking “Did we miss the show?” 

It’s now 14:23....I’m watching a random movie about some gamers which has loads of famous cameos in it but that’s irrelevant. 

I mentioned to my flat mate Greta about how I was feeling today or perhaps she mentioned to me how she is feeling a lot better after having felt low over the weekend. 

I told her that it seems we have both switched tables and that made me feel better about my day because it is then that I realised it’s more likely to be the alcohol that I had that has made me feel low today. 

Bring on tomorrow! I’m SO ready! 

EARNINGS: £24.82 (NOT bad for 2 hours!)

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