My weight has gone down.... 

I decided to buy a darker version of the flare jeans I currently wear but NOT throwing these away.... 

Maybe they’ll be my arty farty ones seeing as I updated the ‘promo art’ on my acoustic guitar and case last night.... 

I’m feeling refreshed after a lovely morning shower.... 

I’m still kind of contemplating on going back on social media due to lack of views, comments and likes on the videos I upload to YouTube...but according to my friends, I cannot use social media like they do. Personally, it just makes me too anxious and therefore I get addicted. 

At least with YouTube...I don’t much. 

Ok....I think that’s all that’s NOT bothering me this morning as I head off to busk in New Milton and I am definitely happy that a nights sleep makes a big difference! 

So let’s get it on with it ... 

It’s now 9:09 as it’s a Thursday, it’s not really that ‘dead’ as it is on Tuesdays. 

I can hear the sound of roadworks, a street cleaner type vehicle and all the other vehicles passing by this small town that has a high street with a main road running straight through it. 

It’s hard to believe that this is where I can actually make some earnings and that to begin with, I wasn’t keen on busking here like 2 years ago but since I found this spot where there’s more footfall than the original spot, I have more of a chance. 

Today is different though. 

I care more about the weight I have on my back. 

I turned 40 in July as long as a lot of the hairs on my nut job turning white and thus, as I slowly decompose into a rotten piece of flesh...I may as well look after myself. 

After noticing that there’s usually good acoustics in the places where I am busking at the moment, that means I could potentially get away with just bringing my acoustic guitar but we’ll see how it goes .... 

It’s now 9:17 and I am anxious to kick off! 

9:25 - well, after doing ‘Unwelcome Desires’ my throat is already struggling but let’s hope I get used to it. Perhaps I will only do an hour. Perhaps I won’t 

9:42 - I am REALLY missing my microphone etc right now! perhaps I better spend the rest of my savings on lighter equipment! 

9:50 - oh ok! Mouthful of Skittles is the first song to get a dose of love today telling me that there IS hope after all! Even if that is all I will get, I will be satisfied! 

And erm....songs like ‘Wrath’s Children’ where I pick the strings really doesn’t work! Oh lament for my back breaking amp! 

‘White Noise’ has to be ignored too because it needs guitar effects! 

In fact, I may as well just do the heavy songs then! 

It’s now 10:02..... my voice isn’t struggling so much and really going for it with ‘Touch Me All Over’ felt SO nice! 

10:33 - I had to stop myself from giggling because of how much I loved playing Left Handed. There’s been a few songs of mine already that have been fun to play. Can’t believe I am still here after singing for an hour. It’s all about DIY entertainment for me, myself and I today. 

I am thinking of trying this out in Boscombe and elsewhere from tomorrow and seeing which area I get the best earnings from. I better start saving up for lighter equipment during that time 

Oh, and let’s rest my voice by eating the rest of the raspberries I bought earlier! 

11:13 - ‘Under the Spotlight’ gets the 2nd song to get a dose of love award as I can really feel a minor lump of pain in my throat but I am just going to keep going for a little while longer. I am still enjoying this....or am I? 

11:21 - ‘Wuhan Cocktails’ kinda knocked me out the ring abit so it’s 2 more songs then I guess I am off to Subway for a salad! 

11:28 - the naughty string literally just went POP after making an attempt at ‘Concrete Avenues’. 

Before that, Ian called me and I told him melodramatically that my voice has been annihilated in a colloquial fashion so when the string broke, the universe must’ve made things a lot easier for me. All hail the power of manifestation! 

Time to pack up, purchase some charcoal toothpaste and get some early lunch at Subway before Ian arrives and we go to Lorna’s! 

What a far! 

PS: A very BIG observation about comparing amplified busking to unplugged busking here in New Milton is that with amplified sessions, ALOT more as in 99% take more notice of you hence better earnings. I certainly can’t afford to busk unplugged here every Thursday! 


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